We Got The Sparks

2015 is a great year for me, and in as much as I want to celebrate with fireworks and all and welcome 2016 which I’ll slay by the way =), my nose reacts so much with smoke. I remembered growing up just looking at the window of our house as my dad would ignite lots of fireworks outside. When I was a kid, I always hated my clogged nose (which i still have as of the moment), our foggy home and littered village due to all the grand putukan.


But last night, it was just a simple handaan at home with family. I just decorated our white wall with white christmas lights, took photos of myself and members of the family, and watched some fireworks from afar.


However, I got time (yey) and inspiration to do my makeup.

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I searched my baul of falsies from 2 years ago, wore them in layers, and on top of layered shimmers and glitters, and thought: Isn’t it a celebration of us and the year that was 2015? And for me, it was all about igniting passions. I know that this blog came late because I didn’t want it to be haphazardly created, but a I started a lot of things this year in my career and those wouldn’t happen without realizing some potentials and working hard to make them run. I’ve got more and I hope to have your support still!

I wouldn’t want to make this a long essay, so let me just express it through above and below photos haha (some photos I merged with firework photos from music festivals I attended early this year):

Photo 01-01-2016, 6 09 48 PM

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The rest of my NYE celebration? bonding with family and our helpers at home. They’re my team of photographers, supporters, motivators, managers and family who help me do the things that I do.

I wish you a prosperous and happy new year!

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