True Fashionalism

Between BAYO‘s credibility as a local fashion brand for the discriminating Pinay, and Len Cabili’s commitment to celebrating traditional weave (and weavers!) through beautifully-crafted and impeccably designed clothes, what one can only expect is the wonder that fashion interwoven with nationalism. Pinoy pride has never looked this good, really.

What I like about this is that it’s not just any other campaign or print material that targets on the Filipina because this one is a deep collaboration with a designer who used materials and employed Filipinos to create these pieces.

 Len Cabili is unlike any other local designer who has gained international acclaim. Growing up in Iligan City nurtured in her a love for the rich cultural heritage of Mindanao, something that is at the heart of her fashion line FILIP + INNA. As such, while Cabili is part of the great number of Filipino designers who have achieved global recognition, she does not merely use raw or indigenous materials from Philippines. Instead, Cabili’s designs happen with the indigenous weavers, and each piece of clothing is as unique as that weaver’s hand. World-class Filipino fashion has never looked this beautiful, and has never been this deeply rooted in our history.

Fashionalism is nothing short of fantastic. With a common rootedness in nation, Len Cabili and BAYO are coming together with a limited edition FILIP + INNA for BAYO fashion line, that can only speak of Fashionalism like no other. Each of the eight pieces in this collection features hand-embroidery by T-boli women from Lake Sebu in Mindanao, which can only set the bar higher for ready-to-wear fashion. No fashion collaboration has ever dared do what FILIP + INNA for BAYO seeks to achieve. No fashion collaboration can stand for nationalism like FILIP + INNA for BAYO.

And with intricately crafted and superbly designed clothes, Fashionalism has never looked this good. And by good, I think it also has a potential to be global with it’s very unique and classy designs. The items immediately sold out in the Bayo store in Glorietta during the launch.

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