True Brown Lippies Hit List

True Brown Lippies Hit List

When it comes to colors, I think I’ve been keeping and buying more neutrals and nudes this year, credits to the retro trend! In the process, I have made a list of lippies that aren’t like the usual “browns” that some brands claim their lipsticks to be. These are not reddish or too pinkish ones and they have attracted me most!


Below, I have 3 liquid lippies (one I have shared here before), 1 lip crayon, and 1 creamy lippy. I’m quite excited about this because it’s my first Colour Pop purchase (I’m so late but I will share more of this below), my first time to try the BYS Velvet matte lippies which are selling like pancakes!!, and of course, a product of a collab between Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity and homegrown brand Pink Sugar.


By just looking at the tubes, the browns look “true”, meaning they’re like the wood or chocolate colors, and not mixed with reds, orange or pink. What interested me about these choices is that (same as true nudes), I can mix these with other colors of lipsticks to make them warmer. Imagine it as a base  note of a perfume =)


On arm, all of the shades seemed truly warm and brown (just differing in yellow undertone, and intensity) except for Love at First Swipe by Pink Sugar which is a peachy cocoa, sorta pinkish, but still not too much for me. Aside from colors, let me discuss some qualities one by one:

  • ColourPop Liquid in Limbo (liquid matte lipstick) [PHP 400+] – I bought this from Tupped Boutique as they said that this is the exact dupe of Kylie’s True Brown K. Indeed, everytime I wear this I always get the question “What’s your lippie?”. It’s a very unique and just-right intensity of a warm brown shade. While I’m OK with all the qualities that a Colour Pop liquid matte has except for its average longevity, obvious crinkling and flaking, this one is a color worth wearing!
  • BYS Velvet Liquid in Teddy Bare (liquid matte lipstick) {PHP 300+]* – BYS sent me this lippie for me try it and it’s one pretty brown shade! It’s less dark, yellow and intense than Colour Pop which can be worn at day. The formula is very good on my lips! It stays incredibly long, but it coats the lips which is both good and bad because 1. it gives a protective layer than which crinkles through time, and 2. it doesn’t stain the lips so it’s just sits on top, with the intense pigments not getting through the skin, thus less dry. But I’m definitely good with that!
  • LA Splash Lip Couture in Spellbound (liquid matte lipstick) [PHP 600] – I got this last year which I just reviewed now. Minding the qualities of LA Splash (still the most pigmented but hardest to remove!!), this one is a pretty dark brown shade. Imagine the true color of wood? This one is quite reddish than Colour Pop and all the others.
  • Pink Sugar x Project Vanity in Love At First Swipe (matte lip crayon) [PHP 399] – I wasn’t able to attend this launch so I bought from Project Vanity at #Passionflybazaar last September and
  • Shiseido Perfect Rouge in BR 757 (creamy lipstick) [PHP 1000+]* – I would never imagine this color for the brand but it’s a lustrous lighter version of Teddy Bare, quite yellow but definitely wearable at day and in combination with others. Shiseido lippies are quite understated because these are truly pigmented, creamy and non-drying!

With flash below, check out intensity and undertones of the hit list.


Below, I just wanna share the applicators of the liquid lippies featured here. I don’t like Colour Pop’s and LA SPlash actually. The rightmost kind of wand works for me and that’s from BYS (similar with Sleek)


So do you like brown lippies like me? Share the ones you have by commenting below!

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  • Rhen Estillero

    November 26, 2016 at 1:59 am Reply

    I haven’t tried the Pink Sugar x Project Vanity lippies so it got me excited to actually try it! The BYS Velvet liquid looks promising too. I don’t have the Colourpop Ultramatte in Limbo but I have Chilly Chili and Chi. While those two do not look like the ones above, it changes into a darker shade once I put it on my lips making it more of a dark brown color.

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