The#CherylBlossom of #Riverdale Lippie

The#CherylBlossom of #Riverdale Lippie

I’ve been watching Riverdale prolly repeating it more than 3x because 1. I haven’t read an Archie Comics and it actually makes me want to now 2. I really like how they break certain HS stereotypes , and 3. It shows a lot of different kinds and personalities of women in a show and that’s amazing. One would be Cheryl Blossom.

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Is being the gay best friend still a thing? FACE

I really like how the women in this show are styled differently according to their personalities – good job to Cover girl, and their cool product placements! Aside from Veronica, Cheryl is one of those dynamic character (bitch on the outside, but reasonable and good), styled so interestingly with bold colors, red lip, intense blush and black eyes. It takes so much confidence and fierce attitude – remember that slow mo walk she had during Jason’s wake? YASSS!!! – to pull off that look I guess!

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Cheryl is a blossom and the family controls the maple syrup business which comes from maple trees. According to Wiki, Maple syrup is a syrup usually made from the xylem sap of sugar maplered maple, or black maple trees, although it can also be made from other maple species. Much of her styling was derived from this.


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And so I researched. Since I haven’t seen any maple tree in my life, and since there are various species, I used google image to show me a pantone of the trees and realised that it’s actually a difficult kind of red. 

DSCF7134 copy

It’s in between a warm orangey red and a cool pinkish one that’s of course, so bright and intense. I swatched all of the hippies at home and below are the closest, with Sleek as being the perfect one

On lips, they kinda look the same but Sleek has the perfect hue that has the warm-cool kind of balance. i like how it actually adjusts!

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So was I able to pull off the look with the side swept red hair (via Makeup Plus app), red lips and painted cheeks? letmeknow if you have dupes for this kind of hue? PS excited for the season finale which Im just about to watch! No spoilers please!


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