Lip Series 1: Rosy Nude Matte Liquid Lippies

#Internationallipstickday or month is over but in our world, there’s no such thing right? It’s everydaaaay! So let me swatch all of my new lippies this year in different series and starting that off with NUDES ūüėČ

…But the pink/rosy kinds of nudes (kinda desaturated/muted) which I have been liking lately for everyday use or if I have overdone my eye makeup ūüėČ

It will also be my first time reviewing some liquid lippies from brands like Cathy Doll, H&M Beauty (yes, they’re here!! Stay tuned on my blog for that!), BYS and Sephora. However, I will be making the reviews deeper as we touch other shades from their lines.

When it comes to rosy/pink nudes, I choose the rosy ones which are typically warmer than the cool nude pinks.

In terms of color, I am usually gravitated towards the bottom part of this arm swatch. They look nicer on my tone and just brightens my complexion.

Now these rosy/pink nudes are all matte. I actually pre-selected the brands here and they are all working for me.

As you can see above, Sleek Birthday Suit which I’ve reviewed here, is always my reference point. It’s just a warm pink (sometimes orangey) that guides me on the right undertone to select. The 6 shades that follower after it are rosy warm shades that I like.

Now for the lip swatches (where I didn’t use daylight so it will tend to appear darker), see below gallery.

  • Cathy Doll Nude Me in Moss Rose [PHP 399]* – This has to be the most matte of them all and a true warm rosy shade. It dries quickly and I really love the pigment, consistency (coz of the flexi wand). It just feels a bit heavy on the lip and cracks when lasts longer but perfect for the first 1-3 hours!
  • Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 06 [PHP 799]* – One of my favorite formulas of affordable liquid lipstick. Doesn’t really dry my lips and the pigment is really high. 06 is a cool pink on my arm but turns to be a little warm on my lip.
  • Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 13 [PHP 799]*- 13 is very close to Birthday Suit color.
  • BYS Velvet Lips in Guilty Taupe [PHP 399] – Velvet Lips is a very nice and affordable choice for liquid lippy. Very pigmented and liquidy and comes in lots of colors ¬†– you will see more of this soon. My only problem is it dries slower than the rest but the wear is fabulous. This Taupe is a muted color but has a hint of rose. Really unique.
  • BYS Velvet Lips in Wicked Plum [PHP 399]* – I don’t think this is plum as I can see more of pink but is very close to Shabby Chic and just a lovely mid-toned pink.
  • Colourette Liquid Lacquer in Vieja [PHP 599] – I will share more about this line from the brand in the next posts because I just love it. On the lip it appeared darker and muted which I love.
  • Pink Sugar Lip & Cheek Stain in Vieja [PHP 349]* – The most affordable but performing line as well as I have reviewed here. This color looks kinda peachy and more pigmented than the reference but looked lovely on my lip!
  • Sleek Matte Me in Shabby Chic [PHP 450] – I have reviewed this line many times and this pink color which was release just las year and renov-ed this year (with a better wand – same as Birthday Suit) ¬†is just a wearable pink for any skin tone.
  • H&M Liquid Lipstick in Enchante [local price to be revealed soon] –¬†is the coolest pink in this set. I will be attending their launch event next week and Ill get to know more about this but the pigment and feel of the product is outstanding. It’s creamy but dries velvety matte and not too drying. Formula to watch for!

What are your favorite pink nudes?


10 Department Store Powder Highlighters To Check Out

Thanks to Jeffree Star and Nikkie Tutorial’s influences, I’ve been addicted to all the sheer, glass, or blinding highlighters I can see in stores and online. I’ve been using this magical thing a year after I started blogging but the times are different now. You can see this product just everywhere, including department stores, and that’s really practical for all the beauty junkie’s out there.


A highlighter is defined by the finish of the whitish pigment – shimmer, shiny, sometimes like mirror or glass – the complete opposite of a contour. By purpose, it’s optics – it’s supposed to make areas of the face pop (and sometimes flat, when it’s too mirror in finish) when light hits the face. I like how this freshens any face, reduces lines and structures face (esp my¬†undereye-cheek area which is quite sagging). There’s just so much variety in the beauty industry now and let me review some for you!

highlight 2

Above is a full arm swatch of all my favorite pigments from dept store highlighters I have on my kit. Let me start with one fav by beauty Youtubers. This brand just arrived  in PH a year ago and has been selling this thing like pancake!


Sleek Highlighting Palette¬†in Solstice¬†($14.99) – Aside from the gorgeous gold packaging, this is innovative in a way that it has 1 cream and 3 powder highlight formulas which allows for layering and customizing effects. There’s an opaque yellow shade for warm skin tones, a lavender color¬†shade and my favorite from this, (the middle one) a warm pink/rose color that’s light-medium in sheen/shimmer. The quality of shimmer here is not powdery, but truly bright and illuminating (see how the arm swatch became darker as it focused on the pigment so much). The downside only is that sometimes this can be appear too blinding as you can see that the shimmers appear like diamond eyeshadows (but of course, versus eyeshadows, highlighters are softer and more easy to apply on face)

I really love how creamy and performing this product is in terms of texture and consistency and ability to blend and use. One swipe gives so much! I’ve been using this palette for 3-4 months already and I’m just nearly half of it. I use it everyday and on special occasions that need some extreme blinding!


Australian brand BYS has launched different palettes for Filipinas with various color combinations and finishes. The brand has been famous for its beautiful contour trio, but let’s check out their highlighters with a new one in 4’s!


BYS Highlighting Palette in Ultra-Glow ($ 7.95) РThis is the newest highlighter from the brand and it boasts of warm shades of shimmer for morena skin tone. I really love that champagne shade in the middle with a light sheen. I adore that this is pigmented and consistent despite the low price.


BYS Highlighting Palette in Glistening¬†($ 7.95)* –¬†My favorite one¬†from the 3-4 palettes especially because of the¬†rose shade on the top most of my arm. It’s just so pretty! There’s a color to it (can be a blush already) but combining it with the pinkish white pigment on the middle, it will give that gorgeous blush shade!!! All the colors are warm, pigmented, and really illuminating. Upon picking up by brush, there might be some fall out¬†but I suggest spraying a primer on the brush for blinding realness.


BYS Highlighting Palette in Luminous¬†($ 7.95)* –¬†This is a good selection of warm and rose colors. The top most is like the rose color in Glistening, and the middle lavender shade is perfect to contrast a warm look. Then you have a yellow one for morena skin tones. All in all, these highlighters are very affordable yet performing¬†in all aspects!




There’s also highlighters under the HD Cheek color line of Pink Sugar, a homegrown brand that was recently launched here. I was actually surprised by how sophisticated the brand is to launch quite a number of highlighter shades and the below two caught my eye.


Pink Sugar HD Cheek Color in Concrete Jungle (approx $10)* – While this is in mono and while packaging is quite difficult, I was surprised by how beautiful this highlighter is. See that while it may appear white and opaque upon finger swatch, when blended, it has a beautiful gold sheen that’s completely wearable.

Pink Sugar HD Cheek Color in Concrete Jungle (approx $10)* – Compared to above, this is creamier and more shimmery in a beautiful light-medium warm pink shade. I have been using this last year and it just gives a picture-perfect glow on the cheeks even under flash. Also, I agree that this is HD in finish.


We also have highlighters that are often called illuminators because of their sheen effect – I have two brands under this category. Versus the blinding ones, these work very well in day light. Usually, they’re combined with a blush pigment to allow a gradient effect. See options from NYX below – they also even have a blush + highlighter + bronzer!


NYX Illuminator¬†in Chaotic¬†($ 9)* – I was quite confused with this as a highlighter but when blended, this coral pink with gold sheen reminded me of NARS orgasm but very subtle. While a bit powdery and light in its highlight pigment ( I suggest to use a packing brush that’s wet when picking it up), the blush color is just drop dead gorgeous, as with any Orgasm-like shades.

I have to check out out their Strobe of Genius palette to evaluate this versus others tho.


Mary Kay Mineral Color Duo ($18) * – Lastly, we have this blush duo in Mary Kay. while not a dept store brand, I was in awe to see¬†how pretty the illuminator is in this product that i already consumed 2 of these. The blush is just Ok, but when blended with the illuminator (swatch you can see below), it gives a beauty powder finish that’s perfect for everyday look.


Now let’s put them all together on my arm under flash and definitely, BYS and Sleek win in the blinding highlight award while Pink Sugar, NYX and Mary Kay in giving a subtle sheen. See how all of these perform very well in being not chalky or powdery despite their low prices. Definitely value for money! Just know where and how you’ll use it and you can check our these options.

highlight 4


highlight 2


Sleek Rockstar Collection

Since Q4 of 2016, I’ve been searching for very good blinding mirror highlighters – thanks to Nikki Tutorials and Jeffree Star’s influences! I would always buy these products at high-end brands but since Sleek’s best-selling Solstice palette – which ill review separately – I knew that there would lots of variations that would come in a few months.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

And so, these products were launched late last year and I’ve been in love with collection¬†ever since. Let me start with the twin of the infamous Solstice, the Cleopatra’s Kiss (PHP¬†850) under the highlighter family.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Aside from the gorgeous gold mirror packaging, I really like that this has a mirror! It looks expensive and glam. It comes with powder and cream formulas which i like because I get the free hand to manipulate effects: soft and dispersed (powder), intense and mirror effect (cream + powder)


Obviously, 3 of the¬†shades are too bronze for me so I’m definitely the Solstice girl but¬†just check out how pigmented and opaque these are which appears mirror and packed with shine. The pink (powder) one is really a gorgeous rose pink shade which I can’t see in Solstice. ¬†I hope they merge these two in the next palette ūüėČ

For the department store price, this is a high-performing highlighter that I would definitely repurchase. Now, this was merged with the Rockstar collection consisting of a souffle and i-Lust palette which is just my top pick in this set and let me show you why.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Just by looking at it, I knew that it’s more of an illuminating eyeshadow palette with colors that we usually find outnumbered in most nude palettes. For me, these shades have a great role in blending and make eyes more fresh and open.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

The i-LUST Palette (PHP 650) is a very affordable product that can work on both eyes and cheeks. It’s very soft and subtle (except for the copper pigment which is really opaque) with a very nice blendable formula. I actually think that the highlighters are more blinding than this one so I get to use it really on my brow and cheek bones.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Similar to the highlighters, they have cream and powder formulas with gold (yellowish), champagne, pink (leftmost is a favorite) and copper hues. I think that the latter (with peach sub hues) is very pigmented and consistent, perfect for the monochromatic eyes.


I tried all shades alone and on mixture with the other colors and they didn’t feel too heavy or shimmery which made it look glam and fresh with the right intensity.

Staying power of powder highlighters or shimmers are definitely better if layered under cream so I think that you have the freedom to customize your look with these palettes.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Lastly, the Strobing Souffle (PHP 595)! I’ve been finding strobing creams and shimmer products that would look glossy on skin (Peg: Beyonce’s eyes on her music videos). I always wondered how MUA’s would do eye looks that appear like wearing lip glosses and I think I found one that didn’t have much glitters, but provided a

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I would use these alone, with feathery eyelashes!! Now I got an EOTD idea ūüėČ

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Overall, this is a collection that I really like. It’s perfect for all your strobing and glowing goddess looks regardless of the season – the strobing souffle is perfect for summer!¬†


2016 Awards + Big BDAY/Blog Anniv GIVEAWAY!

The year is ending soon and there has been so much good things happening to me in my beauty and blogging career and I thank you so much for all the support you’ve given me and this platform for 5 years. My 28th birthday just ended and Christmas is happening so soon, so i thought maybe i can share what I get from what I do, para lahat tayo happy ‘diba?¬†So I curated 5 special beauty bags from my favorite brands that i wanna give you ūüėČ

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

There are 5 major prizes totalling around 25K to be given away to 5 readers of my blog who will complete the following mechanics and be generous (50%) and smart/creative (50%) in posting and commenting. I will announce the winners on the 12th and the pick up of the prizes will be at @passionflybazaar Green Sun Makati. Good luck!

  1. Follow me on the following channels: Youtube (!!), InstaGram (Turn on post notifications on my IG Рclick the 3 dots), FB, FB, Twitter, and Snapchat (@mikkigalang)
  2. Show support for my loyal and beloved sponsors/partner/fav brands on IG/FB: MAKE UP FOR EVER, The Body Shop, Maybelline, Tony Moly, Etude House, and Sleek!
  3. Interact with me be sharing your thoughts on my IG, Blog and Youtube content (like a commenter of the month) 
  4. Repost any of the following photos of products below that interest you, describe why you like it, and end it with caption: “ Happy 5th blogversary and launch of your Youtube channel, @mikkigalangdotcom! Get the chance to WIN over 25,000 worth of beauty loot bags from her favorite makeup brands. Full mechanics on!” ¬†Tag 3 of your friends and feel free to add any message or comment about my craft ūüėČ

Last but not the least, I think that this is also the perfect time to share my October-November favorites (I haven’t said that in a long time hehe!). See below my listings!


It was the latter part of 2015 until this year that I have been using and purchasing liquid lippies like how I buy foundation! I started with LA Splash which for me is the most pigmented and long-lasting on budget ones. But there were so many good launches locally (we launched Pink Sugar and Sleek at @DigifyPH and we’re happy it’s doing very well) and globally, as well. Tony Moly’s Liquid Lips and MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylic are¬†also one of those¬†creamy formulations in liquid lip¬†format that I liked, reviewed and will share to you in this giveaway, where you can win all these.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


It was also this year that I started using more colors on my face and nails, and not just on my eyes because it just makes me younger-looking, especially the pink and bright ones! The Spoiler Blush stick from Tony Moly is a bomb, together their other blush formats: Cheek tone powder and Snowy Dessert pudding tint. and These eye and lip (2in1) liners from Sleek and Tony Moly are so eye-catching and pigmented, perfect for you to create looks until summer with these items!!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


I mean the traditional¬†ones, but with exciting hues, collabs, and packaging! The new MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist which I reviewed here is just something I really wanna share with you (+ The Plexi gloss) because of the show-stopping colors and creamy formula. This is also an exclusive color released in collab with one fav music¬†duo of mine, Icona Pop! This MAC x Star Trek lippie is also a fierce out-of-the-world addition to my limited collection which I’m sharing to you. Tony Moly’s Panda’s Dream is a collection that at first we would think is just cute outside, but is also super-pigmented and performing inside. And of course, my favorite 90’s beauty must-have: The brown matte lippie from Maybelline which I also reviewed here.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


You all know how I like decorating my eyes and these hues, mascara’s and false lashes are good ones to spark your creativity ūüėČ

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


I have never been more addicted to highlighters and primers nowadays because they make a fresh and thinner face. Strobing awards goes to the popular Sleek highlighters with the newest cream format below. I just love their Solstice variant!! ¬†Contour award goes to the affordable Maybelline V-Shape below and Tony Moly’s Panda Dream stick. Primer goes to my Top 1 choice, Step 1 by MUFE. And of course, the Body Shop moisturizer to prep skin which now has better SPF.

 All these you can get (except the Snowy Dessert and Sleek quad highlighter which were just used in the photo)

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

SO THERE. Thank you again so much and hope to see you in blog or Vlog next year! ūüėČ

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I’ve been getting makeup requests since my Bora trip last year and I’ve been eyeing on the best waterproof cosmetics¬†ever since.¬†Whenever i go travel, hang out or just shoot by¬†beach or play in the pool,¬†I love having my brows, base and eye makeup still intact because¬†ahem mermaid…. But I think that these products are also the most sweat-proof or long-lasting makeup that you can use at work or play. Check out the products and look I created with them below!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

This photo was taken before reviewing the products I’ll showcase here. I spent 2 staycations the past months so I had the chance to swatch ’em water-resistant products, especially the new ones from MAKE UP FOR EVER which has a great Aqua line of waterproof makeup.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Just recently, MUFE released a waterproof foundation called Water Blend and it’s one of the greatest foundations on Earth. I think that while it’s truly water-proof, the “blend” is what is truly astounding about it as it melts into the skin, disappears and gives a fresh mid-coverage that’s also buildable yet lightweight.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I tested 3 MUFe bases after I swam and took a bath (mind the strength of the shower!)

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Truly, these are the most powerful water-proof foundations and concealer I’ve¬†tested and¬†below are other properties I like about them:

  • MUFE Water Blend Foundation* [PHP 2700] – It’s a bit tricky at first because it really looks like and feels water (80% water) but when blended via sponge (I prefer using this than fingers on this one) it absorbs perfectly and gives a dewy finish. My makeup in this look is a mid-coverage as I mixed it with the two products below. It feels very comfortable and lasts up to 8 hours.
  • MUFE MAT+ Velvet Foundation [PHP 2700] – This is one of my favorite foundations – I think I met my forever here LOL! MAT+ Velvet is mid-full coverage and it may seem cakey and hard or dry when¬†before or when blending, but it just gives a non-oily matte finish that evens out my imperfections after finishing and drying it out. I’ve always used this on music festivals, and I heard my blogger MUA friends use these for their brides too!
  • MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream Concealer [PHP 2100] – This is second repurchase and it’s one of my top hard-working concealers. I’ll review this in detail but this one just doesn’t crease, cake or wear easily with full flawless coverage meant to hide extreme imperfections – I use it on my upper lip¬†to cover green marks caused by shaving!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

See how water just slides to the skin!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Generally, cream products are more water-resistant (like dissolves like!! – except for that Water foundation!!) so it’s best to have a neutral dewy or satin look which i created more with the below¬†products.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I used more MUFE products¬†from the infamous AQUA line which we’ve known as water-proof since ages for eyes and even lips.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I’ve made a preview¬†of the Aqua XL here, the newest addition to the AQUA¬†line, and I thank heavens for this launch, as well as the AQUAMATIC launched last year!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

In my opinion, these are the most pigmented and strong liners i’ve ever tried. See how I scratched it even with my nails after soaking in water and they’re still there, especially the M (matte) variants!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Swatches of MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL liners

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I didn’t use¬†the non-neutral shades in this look but I swatched them anyway. Below are reviews of these products from the brand’s Aqua line, alongside Sleek Matte Me which apparently also performs well with¬†water:

  • MUFE Aqua XL liners [PHP 1250]*
  • MUFE Aqua eyeliner [PHP 1000+]
  • MUFE Aquamatic [PHP 1400]*
  • MUFE Aqua Cream [PHP 1750]
  • MUFE Aqua Liquid Liner [PHP 1600] –¬†

IMG_6548 copy

What you think of these? Powerful, YES?


Retro Matte

3 years ago, I first heard of the term “retro matte” through MAC Cosmetics’ most pigmented lipsticks ever, and I loved the deep effect that it gives on the lips. I dunno but I am still on this vintage or retro look & feel (especially in the 70s/80s) versus the strobed or the all-natural look. I have always loved Katy Perry’s and Kylie Jenner’s looks especially when they wear the neutral matte eyes, coupled with the ultra matte red / brown lip.

Photo 21-02-2016, 5 18 03 PM copy

Especially on the lips! Matte lipsticks give me a deep and intense look (can be contoured with liners and some highlighters). In my OOTD above, I used the Matte Me liquid lipstick in Rioja Red, which is my most favorite red-orangey shade as of now, just perfect for my skin tone.

I published years ago a look on Break my Spell that is inspired by this trend it’s more focused on contouring. I will share to you a look that’s doesn’t include the typical red lip.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Key Products used for this look

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

For the eyes, I chose the 3 different shades of neutral/brown colors from Sleek Ultra Matte Palette and Pink Sugar Eye Candy (middle colors in both palettes) which has great matte textures too. I did the usual eye contour shape for me, but placed some shimmers outside the eye socket to make it more deep and intense. I also placed a beige color on the waterline to further open the eyes, and the lower lash line to enlarge it.

Photo 07-03-2016, 7 52 12 PM

For the face, there’s this new pressed powder¬†from Sleek called Suede effect which makes the face extra-matte. Although i placed minimal highlight on some areas, the contour and powder should work to provide a deep, contoured effect.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

nice pigmented matte blush shades from Sleek’s Blush by 3

Now to end this deep look, I used the new Retro Matte lipstick by MAC in Back in Vogue. It was just released and as usual, the pigmentation, consistency and matte texture: top of the charts! What’s different from the retro matte lippy is that this new format is more comfortable and wearable with decreased drying effect. Performance aside, the color is also just TDF – a coral neutral shade that does with any makeup color or look.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

How do you pull off a retro matte look? below are more tips to achieve this look:

  • Always pat face using an oil-control film to achieve a matte finish always
  • Use lip liner of the same lippy shade to provide a fuller and deep lip
  • Eyeliner, mascara and tighline for the eyes to get a deeper eye


When we see a post on IG with the hashtag “goal”, we are often amazed by the photo because they’re either perfect or really interesting to us and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think that social media nowadays have become too visual and focused¬†on the “instant” or “dreamy” side of things that we often forget the story or the process. The same thing with that popular #makeupgoal hashtag, which has become a series of photos or finished #LOTD’s featuring polished makeup or brows or lashes on fleek. If IG or FB have become more visual than words, then we rarely see micro-blogs of these style/make-up processes (and products used!) on the popular social sites which, if used to share things or opinions, should be like this.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Last year, popular “high-street” makeup brand in the UK was launched in The Philippines with a very similar goal, ¬†and I got the chance to witness and explore its products at the launch. “Sleek MakeUP is a colour cosmetics brand established in the UK over 20 years ago, dedicated to providing¬†a comprehensive makeup range for all women at affordable prices. As one of the fastest growing brands¬†on the high street, Sleek MakeUP creates fashion-forward, innovative products, and is driven by the hottest¬†beauty trends straight from the world‚Äôs catwalks. With trend-led innovations Sleek MakeUP has forged an¬†iconic following among makeup professionals and beauty enthusiasts worldwide!”

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Sleek Makeup launch in SM Makati Department Store

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

All these, including the brand’s philosophies + good things I’ve heard about the products’ pigmentation can be seen on their counter and the products upon first look. I’ve blogged about Birthday Suit which is a super popular color and lippie from the brand, and I believe the brand’s commitment in giving the best makeup¬†to every woman regardless of skin and color.

Then came the #makeupgoals event which challenged bloggers to transform through makeup and showcase how and why they do it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Hi Say and Shebby!

What’s nice about the event is it encourages beauty mavens to go back to the core of sharing what products to use, what tricks and tips work, the step-by-step application and of course, expressing style. I’m sure that every blogger or makeup enthusiast like us would have our different phases and attacks on our looks and colors.

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Of course, transformation (not just the before and after kind) or achieving makeup goals is much easier with products so pigmented and varied in terms of color, shades, textures and finishes. I must say that Sleek is one affordable brand for every Filipina who wants to make makeup on fleek, reflecting personal style and moods.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

What’s just so nice though in the social world we live in is we can connect easily and we can see lots of looks and content online, from users, magazines, celebrities, and women who like makeup. I know someone who¬†still does printed mood boards (and that’s still dope for me!) for her goals, but there’s Pinterest and saving on our phones too for the ones who are more mobile! I find this very important because for me, beauty is very diverse and there’s no one perfect universal style of makeup for everyone. Plus, it’s not so easy determining one that can be owned and it’s easier learning from people who inspire us too!

In the event, I saw some dramatic looks that I’ve been wanting to pull off since last year and I locked them on my memory bank.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Mood boards or pins are essential for achieving #makeupgoals

As for me, you know how I focus on the eyes and style it for my looks. I’m known to wear brights (and even neons!) but it was a phase and wanting a more dramatic yet polished wearable look in the present and future is of course difficult. Last year, I tried preparing and experimenting, for example, how to shape my brows for the dark contoured eyes, or how I need to learn to wear the nude lip. It’s a process, indeed!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

At the event which had a photoshoot component after, I created a look using colors from the i-Divine pallette which I’ll review soon but I’ve used pretty much dark greens and intense neutrals or browns even on the lower lash line and I have upcoming tutorials so you too can achieve this if you have Selena Gomez, or Kylie Jenner for example as your makeup goals =)

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

It was a fun day of shooting after a long time of not doing this because of the break, and I pretty much learned from our photographer, Charles Rodulfo, who’s also an associate art director at Preview/Style Bible, how to pose for certain looks that i wanna showcase.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

After these favorite Youtube vloggers!

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

I’m excited to share this more in detail, but yes, let’s make online media a more creative and resourceful house of content featuring our different styles and beauties =)


Different Liquid Lippies Below P1000

By definition, liquid lipsticks are more concentrated versions of the normal tube of pigment we‚Äôve known to wear. The past years, we‚Äôve been introduced to a couple of products (globally and now aggressively in the local industry) in this format that promises the most matte, no-fuss, no-transfer kinds but for me, liquid lippies are still defined by their level of pigmentation ‚Äď whether matte or demi-matte, whether liquid, tints, creams… Most of them are priced higher than the usual because of the pigment present, but in this review, I will be sharing a list that‚Äôs below PHP 1000, with different finishes, textures and qualities you can choose from!


Last year, these lippie launches kind of piled up in my kit and I just got the time Рthank God!! Рto really study them. I have lots of colors but I wanna use the same hues (pink and nudes), so we can focus on the other qualities of the following brands: Ofra, Pink Sugar, Sleek, LA Splash, Happy Skin, Etude House and Khroma.

Let’s start with the applicator wands! Aside from the formula which I’ll discuss below, in this kind of lippie, the applicator has some say on the consistency and ease of use of the product. You can evaluate these easily based on the lip swatches below (not the arm swatch because we don’t apply on a flat surface!). So Sleek wins here with a squared tip that shaped and volumized my lips so much (no lip liner used there). However, ¬†I don’t like too long and slim¬†ones¬†because especially with quick-drying lippies, it’s so hard to control, perfect quickly and transfer the content (you’ll send up building so much). The pear-shaped ones though: they get so much of the product and deliver in excess especially on the lip line¬†and I can’t really shape my small¬†lips . In this case, notice how Pink Sugar, Ofra and LA Splash have thick, compact and flexible tips.


So let’s get to the pigmentation, consistency, colors, and prices (including long-wearing aspects ¬†– proofs of which you’ll see at the end)¬†using only the¬†nude and pink colors from the brands.

liquid lip 7

liquid lippy 5


  • Pink Sugar Lip & Cheek Tint¬†(matte liquid lippie) [PHP 350]* – This is best product line under the local brand since they¬†launched last year. The formula of this product is soooo luxurious: light-weight yet super pigmented and consistent, extra-matte (powder finish and truly opaque!), and doesn’t dry and cake the lips! I’ved tried wearing it for 3 consecutive days, and no drying at all which is unbelievable for this kind of matte – thanks to coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamins A, C, and E. Texture is like cream-powder so it takes around 2-3 swipes to perfect it but achievable, and is build-able too despite its matte finish.¬†Definitely winning at these aspects, I just wish they could release nude colors as most of the pinks and brights I swatched here appear kind of neon and too intense. My favorites are the unique¬†and wearable purple’s: Purple Pleasure and Pink Paradise! And can i say – the most affordable in this list!! Lasts also for a long time, but quite difficult to remove (use oil-based remover to get rid of stain). Available at BeautyMNL.
  • Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks¬†(matte liquid lippie) [PHP 450]* – The ultra-smooth and soft lippie in 6 shades! Look at how volumized, defined, soft yet¬†pigmented my lip swatch is. With varied colors, this is my everyday liquid lippy indeed especially with its price! I like the ultra-smooth and extra-light feel and texture despite the pigmentation. My sample is a Kylie Lip Kit¬†(muted rose brown) color and it still showed my natural lips¬†despite the 2 coats. I also like how this can be built even when it’s dry!! Staying power is good for 4-5 hours and it doesn’t stain the lips which can be cleansed easily. Available at Zalora.
  • Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Liptick¬†(matte liquid lippie) [PHP 950] – Quite borderline the P1000 limit but this product is winning in color choices and its unique creamy (yet non-sticky) matte formula. The consistency and feel (soft) are very recommendable too, and it doesn’t dry easily so you can build depending on how thick you want it to be. ¬†Available at GlamourBox.
  • KhromaBeauty Joystick Lip Lacquer (semi-matte lacquer)[PHP 630]*- While packaged as stick, I consider this a liquid lippie because of how soft the content is. This is a brand by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashan and as with all the K lippies, they boast of consistency, pigmentation and feel. There are just a few colors but I bet that the good formulas and signature colors are the reasons people are buying these. Can attest to those!¬†Available at TravelMerchant16.
  • Etude House Color in Liquid Lips¬†(creamy liquid lippie) [PHP 500]* – I super like how this liquid lippy is so natural-looking for a cushiony-water sliding texture! Korean brand definitely focuses¬†on the texture and feel of the product – like a lip gloss- but not sticky and drying despite the level of pigment (Thanks to sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil). Quite lacking in consistency and staying power, but if you like a sheer, hydrated-looking plumping effect too, go for this!
  • Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Tint/Power Pout¬†(creamy liquid lippie) [PHP 699]* – This is the winner in the cream liquid lippie formula, as with the famous pen lippies of the brand. The formula is so rich but it doesn’t feel too thick and doesn’t dry the lips. Consistency is at the top of the charts, with colors so wearable and enduring enough, for the Filipina tones. It’s just so easy to glide and perfect the application with the kind of formula it has, but I would wish for a better applicator so I don’t have to use a liner. But two thumbs up as always! Available at Happy Skin Online Store.
  • LA Splash Lip Couture, Lip Smitten Mousse, Studio Shine, Velvet Matte¬†Liquid Lipsticks (matte liquid lippies)[PHP 600] – This brand kind of created different lines under their liquid lippyy category which because so famous with bold¬†and couture colors. I will discuss in detail in the next post, but my favorites in terms of formula and finish are the Lip Smitten Mousse and Studion Shine as they’re better in consistency and feel than the others. Generally, the best in pigmentation, variety and uniqueness of colors, but the downside is that these¬†lippies require enough time to practice how you will apply (as they dry quickly on the lips) and maintain (feel is quite thick and finish is tricky as some feather when too thick or retouched). Not really recommendable for every day use but staying power is very good if not ruined by oily, and it can only be removed completely by oil-based makeup remover. No drying effect as it tints¬†the lips superficially which is impressive. Available at DTC Online.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream¬†(sheer matte liquid lippie) [PHP200-300] – This is actually my first liquid lippy that I reviewed in the past blog, and while I haven’t tried the other bolder colors, this is definitely the choice for a sheer matte finish. While consistency, staying power and pigmentation are not so perfect, go for this for the finish!


In terms of durability and staining, refer to the above visual where I tried to scratch/remove the pigments using just my fingers and a non-oil based makeup wipe (lower). I also tried if these stained and stayed even after some makeup removers and the results are below. Completely, these are erased when you us oil-based removers.


So many choices for finish, texture and colros indeed for liquid lipsticks below P1000. What are your bets?


*Products with astericks are given as samples by brands


8 Dark Lipsticks For My Mood

I never thought I’d wear a dark lippie until I tried it on my lips a few years¬†ago. I had one dark lippy purchase before – the MAC RiRi¬†Talk That Talk – which ended up in my friend’s pouch and became easy to let go because the cool toned lippy didn’t suit my skin, and a dark lippy in general just exagerrated my looks which often go with the smokey eyes.¬†It was also uneasy to be called “ready for halloween”, or “member of the Adam’s Family”.

But gosh, what a catharsis to realize that dark lippies suit my moods whenever I’m feeling sad, dark, sexy or whatevs LOL,¬†plus the fact that I’ve found the right colors that suit me! Yes, that’s how important it is because wearing the right color and undertone of lippy (warm or cool) will make you look bright (and blooming). We don’t want to look odd and “darker” when we already wear those dark and intense pigments.

dark lippies 2

So, I got really interested in this color pallete – and we’re not talking about deep reds even here – a blog post coming soon. Last year, I bought shades of so deep and so dark shades of browns, plums, and neutral that I like and wanna share to you.

dark lippies 5These are combinations of matte and semi-matte liquid and solid lipsticks that are just so pigmented – one quality that’s common with brands LA Splash, MAC, and Sleek. I will not discuss so much the feel and finish because that’s one separate post coming up!

dark lippies 3

In order of my favorites which are mostly browns and deep brown reds:

  • LA Splash in Raven (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – A warm red-brown. Coming from a popular launch¬†of lipstick line originally called “Harry Potter lippies” which got so famous online, this shade is my top pick in the collection, but also prolly from the brand. I bought¬†this vampy shade online and was shipped from USA, but this is almost sold out locally, and I’m so sad that mine is drying out already (almost finished the tube) so I just have the arm swatch above. It’s super opaque on lips and might appear black which is Ok to some, but I like wearing it a day more.
  • MAC in Antique Velvet (matte lipstick) [PHP 1000] -A warm dark chocolate brown. This is very much like the Kylie True Brown K (as discussed here) because it’s more muted (90’s brown!) and has mahogany undertones. It looks opaque but with light or flash, the brown color is very astonishing.
  • LA Splash in Untamed (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – A warm dark brown. This is redder¬†than above¬†but still has true brown color. This is more opaque so it tends to be darker and more intense than Antique Velvet though they are very similar.
  • LA Splash in Mistress (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600]* – A deep burgundy. This was sent to me recently by DTC Makeup which now distributes LA Splash officially. This is such a unique dark version of this color!
  • MAC in Instigator (matte lipstick) [PHP 1000] – A “deep blackened plum”. For me, it’s slightly cool, but not really completely as it has more berry-pink undertone. This¬†may be a bit patchy than the usual MAC formula, but this color looks beautiful especially at night/flash.
  • Sleek in Smoulder (semi-matte lipstick) [PHP600]* – A dark warm red-brown. The finish is semi-matte but it’s true and full color with a muted red-brown shade that reminds me of the 90’s colors! For me, this is a actually a dupe to the always OS Sin as you will know below.
  • MAC in Sin (matte lipstick) [PHP 1000] -A deep dark cool red¬†described by MAC.¬†This is always sold-out / limited in stores so I bought it from Tupped boutique in a bazaar last holiday. I’ve been searching for this and I know this is a blue lipstick, but I mix it with Antique Velvet and this really looks nice on me. At night, it looks red than black.
  • LA Splash in Vampire (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600]¬†– A deep red. Vampy indeed! ¬†At night, it looks a bit black because it’s too opaque and matte, but I like how ¬†it’s very striking and a bit wearable red at day.¬†

mac sin

dark lippies 6

How about you? What dark lippies are you loving lately? Remember to find the right shade of dark and match it with eye and cheek makeup that’s minimalist!