As in Black. True black. Weirdly, summer got me into collecting the darkest of hues. Like 50 shades darker!!

Kidding aside, I think i got some confidence in wearing the absence of color , black. They say it’s not an actual color but what I like about it? I gives contrast, definition to my face and volume to my lips!


So last year, I got my first Kylie Lip Kit, Dead of Knight, which I only got to open this year when a lot of the department store brands started releasing black lippies too!


A lot of these are matte and in liquid lippy format just like Kylie’s (so can be considered dupes actually) but there’s one also I found from Katy Perry’s collection which is semi-matte.


On arm swatch under day light, these are just the darkest shades I’ve ever had! To be honest, all of them seem pigmented and very consistent despite the formulas. I haven’t had any other experience wearing black lippies but I’ve seen liquid lippies perform less as it goes darker so these are indicative of how good these brands/lines are.


For the liquid lippies, I still like working with pointed than flat applicators on my lips. Not that flat applicators are not good but it takes more practice (slanting it).


The thing is, while you can use eyeliner or a black pigment on lips to achieve these, it’s really the comfort and ease of use and consistency that you’re looking for in this kind of lipstick. You don’t want your black lippie to smudge easily as it’s very pigmented and can ruin lips with just one mistake. It’s also nice that the lipstick dry easily so you secure that dangeours shade easily! (see above photo for quick drying capabilies)

  • Kylie Lip Kit in Dead of Knight (matte) [$ 27] – very good consistency and intensity with a nice applicator that doesn’t require lip liner. Smells good too!
  • BYS Velvet Lips in Dark Knight (matte) [$ 7] – excellent pigmentation (quite bluish) despite its price but it takes quite a while to dry. But once it does, it seals and gives a perfect consistency.
  • Sephora Lip & Cream Stain in 28* (matte) [$ 14] – mid-consistency but buildable and dries easily. has a warm vanilla scent
  • Cover Girl Katy Kat Matte in Perry Panther * (semi-matte) [$ 8] – Semi-matte finish versus all but gives a nice sheen effect which makes the lips pop out more than deepen it.

Key Tips in wearing a Black lippy:

  1. I don’t agree that you need to put minimal eyeshadow or makeup on eyes and cheek when wearing a black lippy as it will eat all details of your face. Put rosy or warm shades on the eyes but not in full smokey effect.
  2. You can use a lip liner (like Kylie’s) for easier drawing but since these are really pigmented, you can actually do it without. Just practice.
  3. Place lots of highlighter!


Now amongst all, the Kylie is the most difficult to remove, like real pigment prolly. I tried water, gel and oil. It just doesn’t come off easily which may be prolly good since a black lippy should really stay. It’s like you wear it or you don’t as you don’t wanna look like eating a cookies and cream donut hahah. BYS and Sephora are good dupes already for their price (though with different formula; Sephora is more creamy)


See below photo of second attempt to remove the products.


It’s kinda good and weird to say that most of them are not drying. I would prolly wear more black in my new posts. Have you tried any black lippie?


True Brown Lippies Hit List

When it comes to colors, I think I’ve been keeping and buying more neutrals and nudes this year, credits to the retro trend! In the process, I have made a list of lippies that aren’t like the usual “browns” that some brands claim their lipsticks to be. These are not reddish or too pinkish ones and they have attracted me most!


Below, I have 3 liquid lippies (one I have shared here before), 1 lip crayon, and 1 creamy lippy. I’m quite excited about this because it’s my first Colour Pop purchase (I’m so late but I will share more of this below), my first time to try the BYS Velvet matte lippies which are selling like pancakes!!, and of course, a product of a collab between Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity and homegrown brand Pink Sugar.


By just looking at the tubes, the browns look “true”, meaning they’re like the wood or chocolate colors, and not mixed with reds, orange or pink. What interested me about these choices is that (same as true nudes), I can mix these with other colors of lipsticks to make them warmer. Imagine it as a base  note of a perfume =)


On arm, all of the shades seemed truly warm and brown (just differing in yellow undertone, and intensity) except for Love at First Swipe by Pink Sugar which is a peachy cocoa, sorta pinkish, but still not too much for me. Aside from colors, let me discuss some qualities one by one:

  • ColourPop Liquid in Limbo (liquid matte lipstick) [PHP 400+] – I bought this from Tupped Boutique as they said that this is the exact dupe of Kylie’s True Brown K. Indeed, everytime I wear this I always get the question “What’s your lippie?”. It’s a very unique and just-right intensity of a warm brown shade. While I’m OK with all the qualities that a Colour Pop liquid matte has except for its average longevity, obvious crinkling and flaking, this one is a color worth wearing!
  • BYS Velvet Liquid in Teddy Bare (liquid matte lipstick) {PHP 300+]* – BYS sent me this lippie for me try it and it’s one pretty brown shade! It’s less dark, yellow and intense than Colour Pop which can be worn at day. The formula is very good on my lips! It stays incredibly long, but it coats the lips which is both good and bad because 1. it gives a protective layer than which crinkles through time, and 2. it doesn’t stain the lips so it’s just sits on top, with the intense pigments not getting through the skin, thus less dry. But I’m definitely good with that!
  • LA Splash Lip Couture in Spellbound (liquid matte lipstick) [PHP 600] – I got this last year which I just reviewed now. Minding the qualities of LA Splash (still the most pigmented but hardest to remove!!), this one is a pretty dark brown shade. Imagine the true color of wood? This one is quite reddish than Colour Pop and all the others.
  • Pink Sugar x Project Vanity in Love At First Swipe (matte lip crayon) [PHP 399] – I wasn’t able to attend this launch so I bought from Project Vanity at #Passionflybazaar last September and
  • Shiseido Perfect Rouge in BR 757 (creamy lipstick) [PHP 1000+]* – I would never imagine this color for the brand but it’s a lustrous lighter version of Teddy Bare, quite yellow but definitely wearable at day and in combination with others. Shiseido lippies are quite understated because these are truly pigmented, creamy and non-drying!

With flash below, check out intensity and undertones of the hit list.


Below, I just wanna share the applicators of the liquid lippies featured here. I don’t like Colour Pop’s and LA SPlash actually. The rightmost kind of wand works for me and that’s from BYS (similar with Sleek)


So do you like brown lippies like me? Share the ones you have by commenting below!


REVIEW: Viva Glam Arianna Grande 2

I thought I’d never wear a cool-toned pink until this Arianna Grande 2 came out. It is so beautiful.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

When I first saw the second Viva Glam in collaboration with Arianna Grande for F/W this year, I thought that it was not the kind of hue that I would wear because I always believe that warm colors suited me more but wearing this for photos below (and in La Union), it was a pretty and wearable pink for me.


Swatches of MAC Viva Glam 2 Arianna Grande and Lip Glass with flash

Definitely, this is a charming and fresh/cheeky shade that is the complete opposite of the first one, reflecting Ari’s aesthetics.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Under warm sunlight, you can see below that the shade is kinda warm which is prolly why this also suited me, aside from realizing also that my bases and hues are usually warm so this is a good kind of contrast.


PS. The neutral mauve lip glass is pretty!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

What’s good also is that every cent of the selling price of M·A·C VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund. To date, the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund has raised $425 million. Locally, you can see the statistics shared the MAC Cosmetics Philippines when it comes to their genuine efforts to help those affected or living with HIV/AIDS.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

As usual, the consistency, texture and formulation of this product is the same with their other matte’s but this is just truly  opaque and matte.


Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Overall, this Orchid pink shade truly makes my warm makeup look fresh (younger!!) and charming. I would definitely recommend and use these more often despite that the holiday season is calling for more dark vampy shades. I think I’m entering my pink phase 😉

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


My Wearable Pinks

poink 4

I’m not really a hard-core fan of the hue pink, but I realized how it has been making my eyes more feminine, especially the rose and warm pink eyeshadows. I then tried a few brands on my lips and see below for another color swatchfest!


Most of the brands here are available in department stores and that’s great. I’ve got matte to satin lippies with mostly pinks leaning towards the warmer side of the color spectrum. I think these are the kinds that are perfect #MLBB everyday lip look that doesn’t make me look cartooney or barbie.

pinks roses 2

On my arm with (below) and without (above) flash, the two darkest shades lean toward a warm fuchsia color while the middle ones have more brown undertones which are perfect for any skin tone.

pinks roses 1

Maybelline recently released new shades of warm dusty pinks which are banking on the neutral 80’s hue trend. I like the selection of colors especially Natural Beige and Salmon Pink.

pink1 pink 2

On my lips, we can see the other qualities of the lippies:

  • Pink Sugar in Hotline Bling (matte lipstick) [approx PHP 300]* – this is just a very pigmented lippie from one of my favorite department store brands. The consistency and coverage is fierce with a very good fuchsia color, and name (reminds me of one Rihanna LOTD!)
  • Maybelline Rose Matte lipsticks (matte lipstick) {approx PHP 200]* – MNY matte lippies are definitely becoming true to the “matte” and OK in terms of consistency and coverage. On my lips, it still appears a bit semi-matte/cream tho but I like how unique the faded, dusty and a brown-orangey kinds of pinks they have. Salmon Pink is my favorite wearable hue (not too nude) from this line.
  • NYX Butter Lipstick (cream lipstick) [approx PHP 300]* – This has got to be my favorite amongst all these in terms of lightweight wear and smooth texture, despite it being a cream format. Color is a bit cool for my skin tone but I like how it truly feels like butter, just with a very good consistency and coverage.
  • L’Oreal Paris Color Riche (semi-matte lipstick) [approx PHP 400]* – ever since they launched Color Riche, I’ve known L’Oreal lippies with good rosewood colors. I heard that Nymphea, a dusty rose, is a lippie used by Solenn Heusaff in her bridal makeup look. It definitely looks wearable and blooming on the lips. The brand also released an exclusive pink collection named after the L’Oreal Paris ambassadors. Blake Lively (my fav!) color is a coral shade that’s not too neon or bright. I really like how sensual and buildable these are (on 1 coat, it will look sheen)



There’s also a lip crayon line [approx PHP 500] released by Burt’s Bees recently that also attracted me. They’re described as matte, but I think they’re more creamy but with a good full-coverage. On my arm swatch I had Carolina Coast which is a dusty rose (less brown tho). Of course, I’ve always liked how 100% natural the products from the brand are, with Butter, Kendi Oil, and Jojoba Oil to keep lips smooth and moisturized.


What you think about these colors?


King Kylie-Inspired Pink Sugar Lippies Below P400

Since the blog relaunch this year, my first entry, A Review of Kylie Lip Kit Dupes has been getting views like crazy, and it’s because her line has truly become iconic – outstanding colors, skin-loving tones, and retro matte finish. I’ve ordered one unique already (I’m still waiting for that and stay tuned for the review!) but one of the highly-quality yet affordable homegrown makeup brand, Pink Sugar, just released new colors under two great lines – Lip Tint and Matte Lipstick – that’s inspired by earth tones and hues that don’t just look like King Jenner’s colors – all desaturated, dusty brownish hues –   but suit the Filipina skin tone as well.


I swatched all of the products sent to me for review and it was such an easy task because I love their lippies, especially the Lip & Cheek Tints. But also let me share how great their matte lipsticks are featuring two new shades (2 leftmost shades) that I think are very close Candy K (dusty rose) dupes.

sugar 1

Pardon my dry lips, girls, (blame the coffee!) but take a closer look at how beautiful the hues are and their matte texture despite the condition. As with their creamy (I would prefer this to describe it) matte lippies and retro matte tints also, they’re buildable and pigmented in one swipe. The consistency is outstanding (except for the darkest and lightest shades which are quite observable as well in other brands). The tint may seem a little less liquid – more cream – in texture but the overall effect is the same. And oh, the scent!! – fruity and sweet, just like Pink Sugar.

Pink Sugar  Lip & Cheek Tint (matte lip cream) [PHP 350]* – My favorite hue is Queen Bee, a dark dusty rose-red that I’ve been recommending to friends. I’m repurchasing one soon because it will get emptied I think next week haha. My skin tone just brightens with it and it can be worn with dramatic eye makeup. Second favorite is Code red which is a bright warm red which looks nice on me as well. Next would be Honey Bunny which I think is a light 70’s brown that’s a Dolce K dupe (I’ve been finding one!!).

Pink Sugar  Matte Lipstick (creamy – matte lippy) [ PHP 399]* – This one might be more expensive but the tube lasts longer and the two shades are definitely favorites. XOXO is more pink than Girl Next Door but both are in same intensity and dusty rose tones which i like for my looks lately.

I just want to say that I’m so proud of this brand and new colors. I’ve been wishing they’d have less bright colors for their lipsticks and tadahhh!, my wish came true. Good job, Pink Sugar and will definitely watch out for new launches!


What do you think of these swatches? I wouldn’t use filters na for my reviews so these are exactly taken from my camera – except for the ones with blur’s and texts.


Different Liquid Lippies Below P1000

By definition, liquid lipsticks are more concentrated versions of the normal tube of pigment we’ve known to wear. The past years, we’ve been introduced to a couple of products (globally and now aggressively in the local industry) in this format that promises the most matte, no-fuss, no-transfer kinds but for me, liquid lippies are still defined by their level of pigmentation – whether matte or demi-matte, whether liquid, tints, creams… Most of them are priced higher than the usual because of the pigment present, but in this review, I will be sharing a list that’s below PHP 1000, with different finishes, textures and qualities you can choose from!


Last year, these lippie launches kind of piled up in my kit and I just got the time – thank God!! – to really study them. I have lots of colors but I wanna use the same hues (pink and nudes), so we can focus on the other qualities of the following brands: Ofra, Pink Sugar, Sleek, LA Splash, Happy Skin, Etude House and Khroma.

Let’s start with the applicator wands! Aside from the formula which I’ll discuss below, in this kind of lippie, the applicator has some say on the consistency and ease of use of the product. You can evaluate these easily based on the lip swatches below (not the arm swatch because we don’t apply on a flat surface!). So Sleek wins here with a squared tip that shaped and volumized my lips so much (no lip liner used there). However,  I don’t like too long and slim ones because especially with quick-drying lippies, it’s so hard to control, perfect quickly and transfer the content (you’ll send up building so much). The pear-shaped ones though: they get so much of the product and deliver in excess especially on the lip line and I can’t really shape my small lips . In this case, notice how Pink Sugar, Ofra and LA Splash have thick, compact and flexible tips.


So let’s get to the pigmentation, consistency, colors, and prices (including long-wearing aspects  – proofs of which you’ll see at the end) using only the nude and pink colors from the brands.

liquid lip 7

liquid lippy 5


  • Pink Sugar Lip & Cheek Tint (matte liquid lippie) [PHP 350]* – This is best product line under the local brand since they launched last year. The formula of this product is soooo luxurious: light-weight yet super pigmented and consistent, extra-matte (powder finish and truly opaque!), and doesn’t dry and cake the lips! I’ved tried wearing it for 3 consecutive days, and no drying at all which is unbelievable for this kind of matte – thanks to coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamins A, C, and E. Texture is like cream-powder so it takes around 2-3 swipes to perfect it but achievable, and is build-able too despite its matte finish. Definitely winning at these aspects, I just wish they could release nude colors as most of the pinks and brights I swatched here appear kind of neon and too intense. My favorites are the unique and wearable purple’s: Purple Pleasure and Pink Paradise! And can i say – the most affordable in this list!! Lasts also for a long time, but quite difficult to remove (use oil-based remover to get rid of stain). Available at BeautyMNL.
  • Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks (matte liquid lippie) [PHP 450]* – The ultra-smooth and soft lippie in 6 shades! Look at how volumized, defined, soft yet pigmented my lip swatch is. With varied colors, this is my everyday liquid lippy indeed especially with its price! I like the ultra-smooth and extra-light feel and texture despite the pigmentation. My sample is a Kylie Lip Kit (muted rose brown) color and it still showed my natural lips despite the 2 coats. I also like how this can be built even when it’s dry!! Staying power is good for 4-5 hours and it doesn’t stain the lips which can be cleansed easily. Available at Zalora.
  • Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Liptick (matte liquid lippie) [PHP 950] – Quite borderline the P1000 limit but this product is winning in color choices and its unique creamy (yet non-sticky) matte formula. The consistency and feel (soft) are very recommendable too, and it doesn’t dry easily so you can build depending on how thick you want it to be.  Available at GlamourBox.
  • KhromaBeauty Joystick Lip Lacquer (semi-matte lacquer)[PHP 630]*- While packaged as stick, I consider this a liquid lippie because of how soft the content is. This is a brand by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashan and as with all the K lippies, they boast of consistency, pigmentation and feel. There are just a few colors but I bet that the good formulas and signature colors are the reasons people are buying these. Can attest to those! Available at TravelMerchant16.
  • Etude House Color in Liquid Lips (creamy liquid lippie) [PHP 500]* – I super like how this liquid lippy is so natural-looking for a cushiony-water sliding texture! Korean brand definitely focuses on the texture and feel of the product – like a lip gloss- but not sticky and drying despite the level of pigment (Thanks to sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil). Quite lacking in consistency and staying power, but if you like a sheer, hydrated-looking plumping effect too, go for this!
  • Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Tint/Power Pout (creamy liquid lippie) [PHP 699]* – This is the winner in the cream liquid lippie formula, as with the famous pen lippies of the brand. The formula is so rich but it doesn’t feel too thick and doesn’t dry the lips. Consistency is at the top of the charts, with colors so wearable and enduring enough, for the Filipina tones. It’s just so easy to glide and perfect the application with the kind of formula it has, but I would wish for a better applicator so I don’t have to use a liner. But two thumbs up as always! Available at Happy Skin Online Store.
  • LA Splash Lip Couture, Lip Smitten Mousse, Studio Shine, Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks (matte liquid lippies)[PHP 600] – This brand kind of created different lines under their liquid lippyy category which because so famous with bold and couture colors. I will discuss in detail in the next post, but my favorites in terms of formula and finish are the Lip Smitten Mousse and Studion Shine as they’re better in consistency and feel than the others. Generally, the best in pigmentation, variety and uniqueness of colors, but the downside is that these lippies require enough time to practice how you will apply (as they dry quickly on the lips) and maintain (feel is quite thick and finish is tricky as some feather when too thick or retouched). Not really recommendable for every day use but staying power is very good if not ruined by oily, and it can only be removed completely by oil-based makeup remover. No drying effect as it tints the lips superficially which is impressive. Available at DTC Online.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (sheer matte liquid lippie) [PHP200-300] – This is actually my first liquid lippy that I reviewed in the past blog, and while I haven’t tried the other bolder colors, this is definitely the choice for a sheer matte finish. While consistency, staying power and pigmentation are not so perfect, go for this for the finish!


In terms of durability and staining, refer to the above visual where I tried to scratch/remove the pigments using just my fingers and a non-oil based makeup wipe (lower). I also tried if these stained and stayed even after some makeup removers and the results are below. Completely, these are erased when you us oil-based removers.


So many choices for finish, texture and colros indeed for liquid lipsticks below P1000. What are your bets?


*Products with astericks are given as samples by brands