2 Local Dupes to Kylie Burgundy Palette

Last year, I started buying eyeshadow palettes not available locally and one of my favorite is the Kylie Burgundy Palette (PHP 2100). It is just trendy yet wearable in the selection of colors and just truly pigmented, from mattes to metallics.

So I was receiving some new items from brands this year and noticed that there is something similar to this famous palette by Kylie Jenner. I mean, not truly similar as the famous BYS Berries palette is popularly known as a dupe for Modern Renaissance but you’ll get what I mean later, together with newly launched Peach Purrfect palette by local brand Colourette Cosmetics.

You can see how I just love this palette with how messy it is!

While not really so exactly the same shades as some vary in temperature, but I can definitely mix and match the shades to mimic the Kylie palette. The below arm swatch shows my favorites from all three palettes.

Let’s start with Berries (PHP 1200)*. This is one true favorite this year. The selection of colors, consistency and level of pigments especially from the matte ones are outstanding. There are nudes, oranges and YASSSS, a cool-toned purplish red as a surprise. It comes of a bit powdery but it’s creamy especially for the high pigments.

Using the key shades I compared above, see how pigmented and bold the color is! And blending is just easy. No wonder a lot of people love this palette.

Now using the semi-identical shades from Kylie on the other side of my eye, it really comes off kinda same except that the left is cooler, while right is warmer.


I’m kinda sure that if I have mixed some orange to the cool red on the left, it would have been the same. And see how the consistency and level of pigment of the two are close!

OK. Let’s move to the newly launched palette by one new brand in The Philippines that’s really doing well with its launches. This Peach Purrfect (PHP900)* palette doesn’t look peachy to me. It actually is kinda more like Kylie’s selection of colors and the winning shades from this palette are the metallic ones. See how beautiful that bronze and gold are!!! They’re creamy and color payoff is the bomb (especially for the price).

Mixing the bronze and burgundy metallic shades on my eyes, it looks sophisticated and well-blended!

Now applying the identical shades from Kylie, here I couldn’t see much difference really!!

So even if the arm swatch above (in daylight) appeared a bit different in temperature, upon blending, the below shows how great this palette is, especially versus a $42 product.

So when you’re thinking of buying the Burgundy palette, check these two affordable ones!! If you want that Burgundy red from Kylie or shades that you don’t have in your kit yet, you can consider buying Peach Purrfect or Berries for half the price. ūüėČ



As in Black. True black. Weirdly, summer got me into collecting the darkest of hues. Like 50 shades darker!!

Kidding aside, I think i got some confidence in wearing the absence of color , black. They say it’s not an actual color but what I like about it? I gives contrast, definition to my face and volume to my lips!


So last year, I got my first Kylie Lip Kit, Dead of Knight, which I only got to open this year when a lot of the department store brands started releasing black lippies too!


A lot of these are matte and in liquid lippy format just like Kylie’s (so can be considered dupes actually) but there’s one also I found from Katy Perry’s collection which is semi-matte.


On arm swatch under day light, these are just the darkest shades I’ve ever had! To be honest, all of them seem pigmented and very consistent despite the formulas. I haven’t had any other experience wearing black lippies but I’ve seen liquid lippies perform less as it goes darker so these are indicative of how good these brands/lines are.


For the liquid lippies, I still like working with pointed than flat applicators on my lips. Not that flat applicators are not good but it takes more practice (slanting it).


The thing is, while you can use eyeliner or a black pigment on lips to achieve these, it’s really the comfort and ease of use and consistency that you’re looking for in this kind of lipstick. You don’t want your black lippie to smudge easily as it’s very pigmented and can ruin lips with just one mistake. It’s also nice that the lipstick dry easily so you secure that dangeours shade easily! (see above photo for quick drying capabilies)

  • Kylie Lip Kit in Dead of Knight (matte) [$¬†27] – very good consistency and intensity with a nice applicator that doesn’t require lip liner. Smells good too!
  • BYS Velvet Lips in Dark Knight (matte) [$¬†7] – excellent pigmentation (quite bluish) despite its price but it takes quite a while to dry. But once it does, it seals and gives a perfect consistency.
  • Sephora Lip & Cream Stain in 28* (matte) [$ 14] –¬†mid-consistency but buildable and dries easily. has a warm vanilla scent
  • Cover Girl Katy Kat Matte in Perry Panther * (semi-matte) [$ 8] – Semi-matte finish versus all but gives a nice sheen effect which makes the lips pop out more than deepen it.

Key Tips in wearing a Black lippy:

  1. I don’t agree that you need to put minimal eyeshadow or makeup on eyes and cheek when wearing a black lippy as it will eat all details of your face. Put rosy or warm shades on the eyes but not in full smokey effect.
  2. You can use a lip liner (like Kylie’s) for easier drawing but since these are really pigmented, you can actually do it without. Just practice.
  3. Place lots of highlighter!


Now amongst all, the Kylie is the most difficult to remove, like real pigment prolly. I tried water, gel and oil. It just doesn’t come off easily which may be prolly good since a black lippy should really stay. It’s like you wear it or you don’t as you don’t wanna look like eating a cookies and cream donut hahah. BYS and Sephora are good dupes already for their price (though with different formula; Sephora is more creamy)


See below photo of second attempt to remove the products.


It’s kinda good and weird to say that most of them are not drying. I would prolly wear more black in my new posts. Have you tried any black lippie?


King Kylie-Inspired Pink Sugar Lippies Below P400

Since the blog relaunch this year, my first entry, A Review of Kylie Lip Kit Dupes¬†has been getting views like crazy, and it’s because her line has truly become iconic – outstanding¬†colors, skin-loving tones, and retro matte finish. I’ve ordered one unique already (I’m still waiting for that and stay tuned for the review!) but one of the highly-quality yet affordable homegrown makeup brand, Pink Sugar, just released new colors under two great lines – Lip Tint and Matte Lipstick – that’s inspired by earth tones and hues that don’t just look like King Jenner’s colors – all desaturated, dusty brownish¬†hues – ¬†¬†but suit the Filipina skin tone as well.


I swatched all of the products sent to me for review and it was such an easy task because I love their lippies, especially the Lip & Cheek Tints. But also let me share how great their matte lipsticks are featuring two new shades (2 leftmost shades) that I think are very close Candy K (dusty rose) dupes.

sugar 1

Pardon my dry lips, girls, (blame the coffee!) but take a closer look at how beautiful the hues are and their matte texture despite the condition. As with their creamy (I would prefer this to describe it) matte lippies and retro matte tints also, they’re buildable and pigmented in one swipe. The consistency is outstanding (except for the darkest and lightest shades which are quite observable as well in other brands). The tint¬†may seem a little less liquid – more cream – in texture but the overall effect is the same. And oh, the scent!! – fruity and sweet, just like Pink Sugar.

Pink Sugar ¬†Lip & Cheek Tint (matte lip cream) [PHP 350]* – My favorite hue is Queen Bee, a dark dusty rose-red that I’ve been recommending to friends. I’m repurchasing one soon because it will get emptied I think next week haha. My skin tone just brightens with it and it can be worn with dramatic eye makeup. Second favorite is Code red which is a bright warm red which looks nice on me as well. Next would be Honey Bunny which I think is a light 70’s brown that’s a Dolce K dupe (I’ve been finding one!!).

Pink Sugar  Matte Lipstick (creamy Рmatte lippy) [ PHP 399]* РThis one might be more expensive but the tube lasts longer and the two shades are definitely favorites. XOXO is more pink than Girl Next Door but both are in same intensity and dusty rose tones which i like for my looks lately.

I just want to say that I’m so proud of this brand and new colors. I’ve been wishing they’d have less bright colors for their lipsticks and tadahhh!, my wish came true. Good job, Pink Sugar and will definitely watch out for new launches!


What do you think of these swatches? I wouldn’t use filters na for my reviews so these are exactly taken from my camera – except for the ones with blur’s and texts.


11 Kylie Lip Kit Dupes

I am fascinated by King¬†Kylie’s glam, specifically with how clean, sexy and on point her makeup is, such that her own brand of ¬†liquid lipsticks and lip liners got sold out immediately after 30 seconds. But what really interests¬†me is how she has found and marketed her own signature colors which i’ve been loving lately because they’re the kind of neutrals that suit my tone and lips well. So here’s a list of dupes availably locally¬†(not at all about textures though) that I’ve studied. It¬†took me a while to figure out Kylie’s colors, really! They’re tricky!!

Kylie Lip Kit dupes

Kylie Lip Kit dupes

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about Kylie’s lip kit, which comes with a lip liner and liquid lipstick – a format I’ve been loving. I love the comments¬†about its formulation (they say it’s even better than its rumoured manufacturer, Colour Pop). But what I love most is the set of neutral colors and how they adapt to different lips as you can see in this viral Buzzfeed review featuring 3 women with different skin tones.

Candy¬†K is described by Refinery as “a dusty rose; I’d describe it as a light ’90s brown”. My favorite is Dolce K which appears darker and more warm neutral brown ¬†or toffee than Candy K. Of course, True brown K is self explanatory and you can see how real the hue¬†is and how it complements all skin tones.

I don’t have the $29 lip kit but I’ve pretty much spent a day or two just looking at swatches, reviews and blogs and comparing them with mine and what I have. I must admit that they’re pretty much unique such that even if I have 12 products here (mix of gifts and buys), I that I¬†i’d have to still mix some to be able to arrive at the exact color.

Kylie Lip Kit dupes

Kylie Lip Kit dupes

The Liquid Lipstick dupes from brands Sleek and LA Splash

The Liquid Lipstick dupes from brands Sleek and LA Splash

In my opinion, King Kylie’s Candy K and Dolce K are quite the same, except that Candy is more rose than Dolce. As such, I’m going to compare both in the below¬†swatchfest. Most of these are matte and liquid lipsticks that I love lately, exposed in a warm light.

Swatches of Kylie Lip Kit dupes

Swatches of Kylie Lip Kit dupes

In order of the dupe-st (is there such a word lol), see the reviews below: 

Identified 6 Closest dupes to Candy K (neutral/dusty rose). This was much easier as there are lots of rose shades in the market, but still, the level of its “brownness”is hard to find.¬†

  • Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit (matte liquid lipstick)* [PHP 450 ] – I think this will be the closest to that beautiful adapting neutral rose color, and to the¬†finish and feel as well, based on the reviews. The color is almost exact and unlike the others, it has this faded rose color which prolly explains the “dusty” description of the product’s color. Also, there’s this instant volumizing/plumping effect due to the not-so-drying and pigmented formula and great brush. Plus, probably the cheapest in this line up. I highly recommend this product and spot this on your next department store visit as these run out quick!
  • Inglot in 405 (matte lipstick) [PHP ] [PHP 800 approx]- Next would be this shade, but this appear darker and a bit more orange under warm light. It’s finish is matte, but not like the liquid lipstick formula. I’ve almost finished this tube because I love its color despite its quite drying formula.
  • LA Splash in Ginny¬†(matte liquid/mousse lipstick) [PHP 600]* – I just bought different LA Splash liquid lippies last year but I also received some from DTC online like this one. I will not discuss this new brand formula yet, but this color is also a close match, with¬†nice pigmentation and consistency.
  • LA Splash in Belle (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – I bought this one abroad, and while the finish is different (very Nars Orgasm!), the rose brown color is evident.¬†
  • MAC in Kinda Sexy (matte lipstick) [PHP 1000]* – This famous MAC shade looks more peach under warm bright light, but under flash at night, it looks more pink on me. I heard Whirl is a better dupe for Kylie’s line

Dolce K (toffee brown/neutral shade) is a bit harder. Most neutral brown shades have an orange under tone but these are closest that I have found. Regardless as dupes, I like these colors very much especially for my warm skin tones.

  • MAKE UP FOR EVER in MAT 3 [approx PHP 1500]* – This Rouge Artist Intense line is almost always sold out too (a fav of Maggie Wilson!), because it has this nice neutral shade that fits any kind of tone. It’s a bit warmer than Dolce K, but I can see some hints of the kind of brown present in Kylie’s. The product is a bit drying and less matte than others but the color is just nice!
  • SPARK in Naked Desire [PHP 800] – purchased this baby at Passionfly Bazaar last year. This line is owned by actress Karel Marquez, who perfected this shade of orange-brown. It’s quite hard to transfer at first (product is quite hard so balms are needed) but it’s all worth it in terms of consistency and pigmentation, with little drying of lips.
  • MAC in Spice (Lip Pencil) [PHP 1100] – I bought this pencil last year and figured it doesn’t have a lipstick counterpart, but its fits all of the shades below (and above rose colors as well) when outlining and contouring my lip, with a shade that’s¬†very Dolce

Lastly, of course, True Brown K is much easier to match. I found these shades earlier than the Lip Kit launch LOL and they suit me very well! More details on my dark lippie blog post soon but below are previews.


So there it is! 11 possible dupes of the Lip Kit Kylie brand that I recommend!! Best awards go to Sleek, and the True Brown K dupes (MAC and LA Splash) because they resemble the colors very well. Do you know of any more lipsticks that mimick these colors? Let me know!


*Products which astericks are given as gifts by brands