The World’s Highest Coverage Foundation? Dermacol Review

When I saw Nikkietutorials (the queen of high-coverage funda) review Dermacol (alongside other Yt and Ig videos where the pigment erased the existence of tattoos, marks etc), I got really interested in this product. It’s not that I have a lot to hide haha but I have those shaving marks, lines and scars in my legs that I sometimes have to think of.

So Dermacol arrived in PH through this site P850, and they sent me a tube in the shade 207, which is the closest to the NC25 reference (208 is cooler though). The packaging is not at all luxurious though it’s in gold, but the text says how it’s a studio makeup that covers (so I think this is not just a foundation). It also has SPF 30, it is hypoallergenic and made in Europe.

Because also, upon swatching, it felt like a concealer that instantly covered everything initially, from lines, to pores. I used my Fujifilm f2 lens to focus on its texture and SHOOKT as I was, pigment did come through.

On its wet stage, the only problem I saw was the fine line under my eyes but it did really erase the black cover and flattened the surface under light.

It’s heavy but it doesn’t feel that much and application might be a little hard because it looks and feels a concealer. A pea-sized amount is so creamy and heavy and loaded with pigment but when you use a beauty blender, it applies on smoothly and evenly (little dabbing). But since the texture is very much like a concealer, you need a hydrating base under it to do it even more easily. A silicone primer wouldn’t work in this formula as it will just make it too heavy.

It is also not adviseable to use a thick powder to set it. I use a finishing/blotting/transparent powder to make it dry and see that above, under day light, even the pores in the nose looked flawless.

Above full length images show under day light and rigng light (right, full-faced makeup), without flash and it looked really perfect. Nonetheless, when used with flash, it has a slight white cast.

The gallery above further proves the pigmentation and coverage given the small amount of product, on the temp tattoo I placed on my legs days before. So amazing!!!

Overall, I am really impressed by this product and the hype is real, especially for the price and the amount of pigment in just a small amount (which means it will last you for long). If there is just also one concern: Staying power. It lasts for around 4-5 hours but retouching it becomes so difficult because it cakes when you use a high coverage powder and when using a blotting or setting powder, you have to use a fix+ first to perfect the base. It slightly moves and becomes oily.

I will repurchase this and use these during shoots and special events but might not be advisable for everyday wear. The coverage and finish though? Just stunning.


Review: L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover

Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation is definitely one of my beauty favorites this 2017. (see how used and abused the liquid and powders are below haha!) When it was launched early this year, I got so excited because I only knew this line through that lip duo 6-7 years ago which I think was one of the most long-wearing lippies I’ve tried ever. Now,  the brand has a “Total Cover” variant that has a liquid foundation, concealer &  corrector palettes.


Total Cover promises a 24-hr wear with lightweight feel and natural finish. It covers dark spots, blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation for a flawless coverage. Formulated with high loads of pigment, it glides on easily and feels fresh all day. (Source:

In this post, I will be focusing on the liquid foundation more because this is my favorite from the line. There are 6 shades sent to me but there 10 available – which is kind of similar to the Pro-Matte. I actually never got to select the right shade for me but I loved it so much that I kept all and just mixed some shades to find my true match.

I found my shade in 305 Natural Beige which is the closest to my skin tone. I swatched the foundation without anything under and you can see below how it made my skin flawless in an instant. While application is not easier compared to Pro-Matte because this has a kind of creamy/mousse formula, this lasts even longer which is just superb for the price of PHP 700.

While there is a tendency to cake because the foundation is already high coverage in just one layer, it truly covered everything that I didn’t need a concealer anymore.

With powder, there’s is just a slight tendency to cake as well because of the creamy formula so while I used the Infallible Pro-Matte here, I use this product with a transparent loose powder only to make sure it’s really flawless.

On the nose, it doesn’t look so flawless in application so I suggest to put a minimal amount, and to use a moisturizer under to make sure that it will glide easily.

Overall though, I would repurchase and recommend this foundation. They have the same qualities as Pro-Matte except for the ones above, but I would use this during the non-summer days more. 

INFALLIBLE TOTAL COVER COLOR CORRECTING KIT is an all-in-1 color correcting palette that neutralizes any kind of discoloration across all skin tones and types. The powerful cream corrector helps in balancing, correcting, and perfecting imperfections on the skin. Don’t be intimidated with this multi-colored palette as each hue was made to effectively answer a specific skin need. Peach is meant to disguise dark circles, yellow to combat dark spots, green to neutralize redness, and purple to brighten dullness. Infallible Total Cover Color Correcting Kit will be available exclusively on Lazada at PhP 600 SRP.

INFALLIBLE TOTAL COVER CONCEALING & CONTOUR KIT is a 3-in-1 palette that corrects dark circles, conceals imperfections, and contours the face to add depth and dimension. This pro-inspired kit provides the sophistication and completeness of a pro-palette – making you feel like an expert with your everyday look. It contains 4 highly pigmented and creamy shades that can be used individually or together for a wide array of shades and uses to fit your needs. Infallible Total Cover Concealing & Contour Kit will be available exclusively on Lazada at PhP 600 SRP.



I’ve been getting makeup requests since my Bora trip last year and I’ve been eyeing on the best waterproof cosmetics ever since. Whenever i go travel, hang out or just shoot by beach or play in the pool, I love having my brows, base and eye makeup still intact because ahem mermaid…. But I think that these products are also the most sweat-proof or long-lasting makeup that you can use at work or play. Check out the products and look I created with them below!

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This photo was taken before reviewing the products I’ll showcase here. I spent 2 staycations the past months so I had the chance to swatch ’em water-resistant products, especially the new ones from MAKE UP FOR EVER which has a great Aqua line of waterproof makeup.

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Just recently, MUFE released a waterproof foundation called Water Blend and it’s one of the greatest foundations on Earth. I think that while it’s truly water-proof, the “blend” is what is truly astounding about it as it melts into the skin, disappears and gives a fresh mid-coverage that’s also buildable yet lightweight.

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I tested 3 MUFe bases after I swam and took a bath (mind the strength of the shower!)

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Truly, these are the most powerful water-proof foundations and concealer I’ve tested and below are other properties I like about them:

  • MUFE Water Blend Foundation* [PHP 2700] – It’s a bit tricky at first because it really looks like and feels water (80% water) but when blended via sponge (I prefer using this than fingers on this one) it absorbs perfectly and gives a dewy finish. My makeup in this look is a mid-coverage as I mixed it with the two products below. It feels very comfortable and lasts up to 8 hours.
  • MUFE MAT+ Velvet Foundation [PHP 2700] – This is one of my favorite foundations – I think I met my forever here LOL! MAT+ Velvet is mid-full coverage and it may seem cakey and hard or dry when before or when blending, but it just gives a non-oily matte finish that evens out my imperfections after finishing and drying it out. I’ve always used this on music festivals, and I heard my blogger MUA friends use these for their brides too!
  • MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream Concealer [PHP 2100] – This is second repurchase and it’s one of my top hard-working concealers. I’ll review this in detail but this one just doesn’t crease, cake or wear easily with full flawless coverage meant to hide extreme imperfections – I use it on my upper lip to cover green marks caused by shaving!

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See how water just slides to the skin!

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Generally, cream products are more water-resistant (like dissolves like!! – except for that Water foundation!!) so it’s best to have a neutral dewy or satin look which i created more with the below products.

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I used more MUFE products from the infamous AQUA line which we’ve known as water-proof since ages for eyes and even lips.

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I’ve made a preview of the Aqua XL here, the newest addition to the AQUA line, and I thank heavens for this launch, as well as the AQUAMATIC launched last year!

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In my opinion, these are the most pigmented and strong liners i’ve ever tried. See how I scratched it even with my nails after soaking in water and they’re still there, especially the M (matte) variants!

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Swatches of MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL liners

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I didn’t use the non-neutral shades in this look but I swatched them anyway. Below are reviews of these products from the brand’s Aqua line, alongside Sleek Matte Me which apparently also performs well with water:

  • MUFE Aqua XL liners [PHP 1250]*
  • MUFE Aqua eyeliner [PHP 1000+]
  • MUFE Aquamatic [PHP 1400]*
  • MUFE Aqua Cream [PHP 1750]
  • MUFE Aqua Liquid Liner [PHP 1600] – 

IMG_6548 copy

What you think of these? Powerful, YES?