Last week, Maybelline introduced a new line of powder foundation that promises to keep Filipinas super fresh this 2015. We got to really know what’s behind this innovation in the event through a test that you will see below. Compared to other two-way cake foundations which traps in sweat and sebum, leaving the skin oily, plus the troublesome cakes and cracks that makes the skin look darker, White Super Fresh’s Clean-touch Technology promises to battles all these, enabling its absorption power five times better than regular talc. Comparing it to one of the best-selling affordable powder in the market, it was indeed a different kind of powder that Filipinas can rely to.

“Women feel best about themselves right after they’ve had a morning shower and freshly-applied makeup. However, as the day goes, their skin is under attack by heat, humidity, and pollution that leads to sweat build-up which eventually pounds down their confidence!” shared Cary Noreen Co, Maybelline New York Product Manager. “This is where Maybelline New York comes in by offering the must-have powder foundation to make sure she always has that fresh feel confidence with White Super Fresh,” added Co.

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