Ray-Ban Legends

Ray-Ban Legends

Being yourself. Freely expressing your beliefs and personality. Never hiding. These are just some of captions we can put to the photos that Ray-Ban just released for their 75th year

Because for 75 years, Ray-Ban has been there where records were broken, conventions were challenged, rules have been unwritten, ideas were born. Since I was a kid, self-expression has been one of my mantras in life and while people or the places I’ve been to try to get this away from me, I have never stopped hiding. With this blog, my identity and difference, my history and my hopes and dreams – I believe that I can also be a legend.I wanna be the one who broke her spell and made a difference =)


When I saw the above images in the billboards, internet and stores, I told myself that for an iconic and legendary brand, Ray-Ban is doing a great celebration of its birthday in these times where, people are still hiding, and where in the Philippines, democracy exists but freedom is hard to reach.

Thanks Ray-Ban for this move and I would like to greet you a happy birthday. Please continue to keep the Never Hide spirit! Below are the seven figures that unconsciously broke through barriers; their eyes were open while the world’s were closed.


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