A Prismatic Experience

A Prismatic Experience

You know me too well as a person and as a blogger – hello here and here – if you know that I idolize Katy Perry LOL. And it’s not just because of her fancy looks, colorful hair and makeup. I really believe that she’s one of those pop artists that’s so creative, weird (in all the right ways) and truly fantastical – making out-of-this-world hit songs that come out straight from her diary.

I got the chance to watch her very creative and colorful California Dreams Tour back in 2012. I remembered wearing a blue wig back then and just dancing – and dramatizing – to her hit songs. It was crazy and a lot of fun. I remembered that that concert got delayed by hours and it all made sense to me after watching her Part of Me documentary few years ago, when I got to know more about her gigantic tour alongside a struggling marriage.

So when they announced that the Primatic Tour will have a stop in Manila which will be the last yet biggest ever (30,000 in Manila!!! – see above video), I bought tickets immediately (the same kind of ticket I bought when i watched her in 2012 in MOA Arena – Lower Box)

k11 k10

But little did I know that 1. While the Philippine Arena is close to my home in Valenzuela, the venue would be such a hassle as there’s just one entrance and it took us the whole concert time to arrive and depart, and 2. it is so big that my Lower Box ticket worth around P6000, would appear to me as a GA ticket because of how huge the arena is (scale of proportion could have been said! haha)


With my fellow katy-cat, Avon Hornilla

At any rate, the Prismatic experience was a blast, as always with Katy perry’s performances! Voice, costumes, production – all on point!! I had to stand go nearer the stage to see her clearly, but still, pardon the unclear photos below.

I watched a clip (my favorite part is the Love Me – This Moment moment) of her documented show above, and while in Manila they didn’t make it grander and more interactive in terms of production as the stage in Manila was smaller and stiffer, she still killed it with her hit songs, mash ups, and iconic Katy Purry gimmicks which are of course, appealing to me.


Katy Perry’s This is How We Do segment with life-size props. One is her brand, Cover girl


A magical moment when she sang Unconditionally!!

I’ll take your bad days with your good Walk through the storm I would ??? #KatyPerry #Prismatic

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 My EOTN below


Eyes until today?⭐️ #KatyPerry #Prismatic


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The moment when katy Perry calls a fan on stage and she chose Martin who wore a costume Katy wears in her Prismatic Tour segment 😉

Marty is so lucky! #GanitoAkoDapatKayBeyonce #teehee #crystals #KatyPerry #Prismatic #lgbt

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k5 k4

I loved this night so much such that i rekindled my love for her and listened again to songs like Thinking Of You, Part of Me, etc even months after this moment. Thanks for entertaining us Filipinos, Katy and we hope you never stop writing songs and singing your fantasies and realities away!


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