Passion for Beauty

When I was very young, some people told me that when I choose to be gay (well, I’ve known myself as woman ever since), I’ll struggle with career, and end up just putting makeup on my myself, and other women. I cannot work in companies, because I act and dress up like a lady (I used colored lip balms back then. So I did everything I could at school complete with eyeliner and mascara, and desired to the highest level – I wanted to be a doctor, a chemist, the leader, a CEO of a big company, everything that they tell me I’m not. I sort of sucked everything I needed to learn for the real world. I prepared a lot for it, really. Lots of hard work and sleepless nights.

Then at college, I didn’t excel so much in my accounting classes, neither in my hardcore chemistry classes which I thought could be my pre-Med. But I remembered I had so much fun doing lipstick lab experiments, makeup of girls and boys at fashion shows I get invited to by orgs as MUA (even the one I manage as president!), marketing of cosmetics and just everything about beauty that interested me. I minor-ed in everything haha

Then come corporate, was lucky to get assigned by my bosses to do digital, which I realized as something anyone could own and serve as platform for any kind of passion (and job also!!). It took me a long time maybe to realize that the world, rather the Universe, will just conspire for something that you want, a career (can be also a job!), something that would make you wake up with a smile. Yes, I’m that person who ended up doing, marketing and teaching makeup or salon stuff but I didn’t have to think about what others say about my profession, or my industry, especially if you’re not doing the wrong things.

I’m just so happy now that I can be passionate, creative and prolly smarter at what I do and choose to be. I hope I can do and show this further in my blog (and career!) in the coming months and years. So… here’s to passion projects, guys! Whatever that is =)

 Hello, 2016! This was quite delayed for everything that i plan to happen for this year and I hope the same thing to you and your passion!

  • Abegaill Villacruz

    January 20, 2016 at 11:58 am Reply

    I admire you for being passionate about the things you want. And I like it when we prove other people wrong. I’ve also experienced the same thing at an early stage of my life. So while growing up, I made sure I can prove them otherwise. 🙂 Cheers to making 2016 our year. 🙂

  • Shaynna

    January 29, 2016 at 11:46 am Reply

    Well now you are successful and living your dreams. Gay & lesbians deserves to be treated fairly and be part of a company or organization because I think they are more passionate and can do as much as a girl and a boy do. Goodluck on your passion projects!!
    You are such an inspiration! this is my favorite post in your blog btw

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