Miley Cyrus & Viva Glam

Miley Cyrus & Viva Glam

Not a lot of people like Miley Cyrus but her honesty in music, her art which can be really seen on her Instagram, her unique tone and vocal range, plus the fact that she just loves LGBT and the homeless youth (and lgbt too), brings me closer to her vision which I’ve been liking. Recently at the VMA’s, she brought drag queens (from RuPaul’s Drag Race) on the stage, and then this Viva Glam collaboration that will also help those affected in the community.


Anyway, this performance feat. my fav drag queens (Hey Gia, Alyssa, and Laganja!), Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz album on SoundCloud and the songs are just raw, beautiful and artistic! It’s like she’s just articulating a diary of her life experience and that attracts me to every song. Among my favorites are BB Talk and Pablow The Blowfish. 

Miley has been amping up her reach, not just in the music industry but also socially. We have seen her speak in that VMA about her cause for the homeless youth, and of course, the Amfar Inspiration Gala. I think she’s the best personality indeed for this social cause.




And the color of her second Viva Glam is just pretty! I swatched it in-store and it’s a super-sexy red orange (with accompanying lip glass) that I really like and will buy soon! It’s quite similar to Morange (and I like Morange)!

What do you think of this new color and comeback collaboration?

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