#MGxMACTechnique 2 : Invitation Out

The topic of the second #MikkiGalangxMACTechnique is Invitation Out and during the workshop Em and Mike of MAC Megamall demonstrated their specific techniques when it comes to day to night looks. Before the demonstration, Em, which used to be my counter artist/consultant at MAC Trinoma, where I would be crazy about new lip colors (haha), explained how makeup technique is unique to each artist and that these workshops provide exposure to what can work to an individual. Now, here are the key learnings from the event:
1. Volumizing lips can be done through Em’s Cupid’s Bow technique
2. Selecting the right colors for you using the Color Chart
3. Blending comes after placing the product/pigment or after drafting a certain shape – Mike’s technique is actually very good because versus creating an illusion of a shape right away which could lead to a very precise shape, blending after can allow for correction and further softening of the edges. He would put for example, the contour, highlight and blush in one step, and then blend both afterwards.

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