When MAKE UP FOR EVER asked me to hold a workshop (which they did for the first time!), I immediately said YES, because I like brands that share the same passion as I have – ART and makeup. Timely, the new site is up and I wanted to meet you all!

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I heard a feedback from one of those who attended that she’s been participating in a lot of beauty workshops but she never experienced it to be very hands-on, fun and communicative. I was really happy to hear this, and knowing that a lot of you had fun based on your posts! I really like teaching makeup by practice because that’s how I learned. Hope we can have more of this and remember the key learnings: balance and color! Special thanks to the MAKE UP FOR EVER team for giving me the opportunity. Love love you all! More photos below! Key lessons from workshop below:


During the workshop (and I know I have already talked about a lot of things from the past 6), I discussed some holiday looks and inspirations that I’ve researched and felt sharing. The last makeup party I hosted, I talked about night makeup – and how one can be very creative because of the dimension of lights, shadows, etc – and holiday is quite similar which makes me love it really. I like being expressive (and sometimes festive) with my makeup.

So I shared two looks which you can explore this season:DSCF3159 mufe1 DSCF3552 DSCF3542 DSCF3535 DSCF3523 DSCF3521 DSCF3512 DSCF3503 DSCF3496 DSCF3486 DSCF3460 DSCF3457 DSCF3404 DSCF3371 DSCF3364 DSCF3360 DSCF3341 DSCF3303 DSCF3297 DSCF3294 DSCF3268 DSCF3267 DSCF3252 DSCF3247 DSCF3229 DSCF3214 DSCF3188
1. Layering / Placing shimmers/pigments – which is really based on the basics of eye contouring (highlighting the eyes) but making it more dimensional. With the use of the new Artist Shadows especially the diamond variant as base, and placing extra dimensional pigment/shimmer on areas such as the upper and lower inner corner of the eyes, and the brow bone. Mixing colors/shimmer products can also enhance the effects wanted.
2. Lower Liner – Which really fascinates me especially nowadays. I demonstrated how that can be done, using colors that are nice for the season – lime green, cobalt blue, military green, and how that can be worn as well.


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