MG x Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful

MG x Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful

I met Alyssa when we were in college. She’s was taking up Management Engineering and we were in the same business school. At first glance, I thought that she’s pretty bold, in style and the way she presents herself despite the prim and proper kind expected of us in our department. With this and how she presents herself in the blogging world now, and as Bobbi Brown would say it, “she pulls things off that would make the rest of us look totally absurd.”
So I took on the challenge for Bobbi Brown by doing her makeup based on her personality which is quite tricky in a sense that I have to be in her feet – I have to know the statement she would want to show, the level of boldness she’s comfortable with and by this it means being able to be still herself. And I think that despite how I or we always change looks, we have to feel it, and be comfortable with it to be truly pretty powerful.
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And with Alyssa’s OOTD below, she’s the one who wouldn’t give a damn. My friend Lee Shen Gee talked about her and we love how she looks so sexy in the right way with her clothes, skin, etc.

So we had the makeover at Heima Store in Brixton and it was so nice. I feel like juicing out my creativity through their very artistic furniture and items and just the ambiance of the place.

I looked at Alyssa and she has a nice skin. I love how even before, she wears no makeup and still surprise people! Well, except for her eye bags and quite dry skin, I had to start with hydrating through a gel cream and toner which feel very lightweight so as not to compete with the foundation, etc.

1. First, the foundation. Regardless of the look, selecting the right foundation is key and I tested it by actually applying the foundation on her face, neck and not on arms. It has to disappear in terms of color, but improve the texture and overall effect on face.

2. Now with the concealer and foundation palette which houses different and various shades that Bobbi Brown carries, it was not hard for me. As you can see below, eye bags were covered with a foundation that matches her and improves her overall skin. Coverage was medium and I was able to make her face look radiant, impurity-free and ready for the other colors I”ll put on her face without caking. Below is after base makeup, shimmering cheek color with rose tones and first layer of matte brown eye shadow.

3.I focused on the outer part of her eyes with a black shadow to make it proportional to the shape of her eyes.And finally with a purple lipstick to make it bold and stunning.
















It was a very fun makeover with Alyssa and you too can experience this with Bobbi Brown next month when you join our makeover giveaway! As for me, I used pinkish tones for lips and eyes to emphasize my Pretty Authentic look – soft, sweet, me.

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