Makeup Tricks for that Dewy Look

The latest trend in the makeup scene has been the dewy, no makeup look, with several pop stars, actresses and models posting pictures on social media. The dewy look is one that appears natural, and seemingly without makeup. As if you’ve just stepped on a hot summer day, but with flawless skin.

Lots of women try to replicate this look, albeit with many mistakes. Some go overboard on the blush or use too much foundation, resulting in an ashen, or blushed look that is neither dewy nor natural.

Here are a few tricks to help you achieve a dewy look.

  1. Start with a scrub or mist.

Dewy skin is supposedly moist and this trick goes a long way to keeping your making up looking that way. With a gentle scrub, you can exfoliate the top layer, allowing the layers of foundations and concealer to penetrate deeply later. A hydrating mist also adds to the shine you want in a dewy look. This mist makes the foundation adhere better to your skin.

  1. Use a primer

A primer is basically a base for your foundation. A primer can fill up the pores and fine lines in your face and act as a smooth base for you to apply your foundation. It can also control the shine and makes that subtle difference between radiance and oiliness. Primers come in powders, creams, and gels. If you are using a powder primer, then steer clear of the lines of your face as they will only make them more pronounced.

  1. Apply a good foundation

Now you can apply your foundation in the shade that works best for your skin. Start with very little at the top of your forehead, chin, and cheekbones. Work your way with a flat top foundation brush and work it into your hairline and up to your décolletage. Now use a round kabuki brush and buff it into the skin in broad sweeping strokes. You can also use your fingers for this. This ensures that the foundation really seeps into your pores. Once you’ve finished buffing, evaluate your problem areas like dark spots, blemishes, and marks. On the other hand, if you want to end your problem with these areas this can be a good starting point.

  1. Spot correct with a concealer.

Use a concealer for your spots and blemishes. Yes, after your foundation. With the help of a concealer brush pick up product and apply it directly on your spots till they are well concealed. Don’t worry about the mismatch with your foundation. You can blend it all in with your kabuki brush after you’re done. Extend your concealer to your eyelids as well. This can help your concealer brighten up the eyelid area and you won’t need any eyeshadow later.

  1. Fix with a translucent powder

Lots of people find this to be an unnecessary step. But if you want your makeup to stay fixed on your skin for an extended period, a pressing powder is a must. It increases the longevity of your make up.

  1. Use a Bronzer

Don’t go crazy on the bronzer. Use a flat brush to pick up some bronzer or if you use a stick then sweep the bronzer in the shape of the number 3 on the outside of your face. Start from your temples, down to your cheekbones and then your chin. Remember you don’t want to look tan. The bronzer adds to the sheen of the moist look. Again, extend to your eyelids and this will add more color to your eyes.

  1. Choose a Peachy Blush

For dewy skin use a peachier blush instead of a red or pink one. Peach blushes tend to give your appearance a more natural flush, where pink ones can create drama. Besides, they work on multiple skin tones.

  1. Highlight

Now you’re probably wondering why to highlight, but if you don’t use it, a foundation will make your face look sweaty instead. So use a highlighter and focus on your T zone, the bridge of your nose, near your tear ducts and your chin. These areas will stand out and give you a more balanced complexion resulting in a glowing, dewy look.

So there you are with a dewy look, perfect for a date or even an office day where you don’t want to make a statement.

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