Believe it or not, despite me being in Boracay always in the Summer because of our annual family vacation at Astoria, it was only my second #Laboracay experience, but probably the best. The island is very known for its great escapes – parties left and right, amusements and shows, the good food and just the beautiful tropics, but it seemed more exciting to me through time especially because of new friends and people that I meet every time, and bonding with family that grows bigger and bigger.

I skipped Boracay last year due to Pattaya and Singapore but I sort of sticked again with my set-up in 2012, where I stayed in the island for around 14-16 days, 1 week apart from family. It was long for sure, but I had some really great adventures. See my photo diary below:

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Arrived at the port at midnight due to work. It was hard because one has to wait for a group for a boat to sail.

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My friend during the trip? Instax films and the Instax Share which prints photos from camera to films. I like it better than the normal polaroid camera because I can edit and darken the photos, and i have less room for photo mistakes. Especially because the films are expensive! I appreciated printing photos than just storing photos digitally just few months ago.

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an OOTD at Astoria Hotel which has great service and amenities

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My sister usually celebrates her birthday here and we watched a fire dancing show. There are lots of groups there performing in different hotels and resto’s but this one is the best that I’ve seen so far

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And not just because they’re a group of gays and transgenders (their group is called “Boracay frost”. They’re really talented: their moves sync with the songs and they have skits and presentations that are children can also watch

123!!!! Best fire dancers called “Boracay Frost” #chandelier #boracay

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It’s probably one of those shows where I saw my family not minding they’re gay or transgenders. It was all raw talent and skill.

This trip also allowed me to explore more restaurants and food options in the island because of the friends that I met. We usually budget our food and we sort of end up eating the same meals (you’ll see that below haha) but this time I got to try the famous barbeque ribs (Backyard) in the island, going to the talipapa and having a fresh seafood feast,  and trying the famous and truly authentic and iconic Real Coffee shop. Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

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It was also the time of Manny Pacquiao’s big fight with MayWeather and there I saw how really important and big boxing is for Filipinos. When he lost, the whole island got sad really!!

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Andy, who blogs his grand adventures here, and Aldwin

The rest of the days without my family, I spent exploring the island with friends. I love that they toured me to places I haven’t been like the Spider House which had an amazing panoramic view of the island, and to Bolabog Beach where Andy stayed at. It was a peaceful beach in the island contrary to the energetic and noisy main beach. It’s 30-40 minutes from D’Mall and it felt like a private resort!  

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 More photos of places we visited here:

I also attended some events!

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Part 2 is my night diary, here.

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