OutWorld Halloween

OutWorld Halloween

I am a Mortal Kombat fan ever since PS1 and the 90’s films which i downloaded online and not because of the overly brutal moves (especially with the Mortal Kombat X in PS4 and iOS which I’ve been playing since summer) but because of how good and well-written their story is: ¬†Earthrealm vs Netherrealm which also tells us about bravery, loyalty and also love and family. I’ve been really addicted to the new game because of the sequel, the super amazing graphics and yes, the scary and really fatal moves of their characters. So I had that idea for halloween.

Of course I’m princess Kitana in that game haha and I have always loved her sword fan but Mileena, which is of the same origin, appeared more scary and fierce with her Tarkatan mouth (sharp teeth).

Above is the finished product by MAKE UP FOR EVER (I had to ask help from them for the flash colors) and below were the pegs. i didn’t have much time for costume but I really want their sexy armor next time!

This kind of princess : #Halloween #peg! #mortalkombat

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Much of the products used for this look were the highly pigmented ones which MAKE UP FOR EVER is known for: Flash color palette, Aqua line, Artist shadows, etc.



MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Color Palette which you will need for your fantasy / halloween looks.

The focal points of the look were the face and eyes. i wanted to latter to be more glam =)


So my artist used green and blue colors (very kitana and Jade from Outworld) for my eyes and eyebrows. For my eyebrows, they had to use the Cloud White cream to cover it and the Aqua waterproof shadows to put color by just lining it (that’s how pigmented it is!). I got the chance to preview it last summer and I’ve been really liking it.

mufe3 mufe2 mufe5

I went to the Trinoma store and before I used to visit them at their pop up booth. i was so happy to see that it’s now an actual store that looked very professional and creative. i love the white brick walls which contrast the wooden structures and studio-like feel.


While I was there, I got the chance to tour and check out the new offerings of MAKE UP FOR EVER (see above). I’m giving you a preview of their new launches this year which i’ve been loving – will share these very soon: The new HD Foundation, Pro-Finish Foundation, Aqua waterproof liquid lipstick and shadows/liners.


What you think of my halloween look and how’s your halloween everyone?

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