And she danced; she danced with the music and with the rhythm of earths circles; she turned with the earth turning, like a disk, turning all faces to light and to darkness evenly. dancing towards daylight. – Anais Nin


Last weekend, Jim and Saab saved the world. It was love that we breathed and that caused a combination of tears (massive!!) and smiles all at the same time. Seeing Saab and Jim marrying each other, their dreams and fantasies, and letting us see those come to both reality and infinity, was such a genuine and generous act of love.

js17 Thank you and congratulations, Jim and Saab! I have been a fan of your love ever since and I am forever grateful that I got to witness your special day. In times like these, your love is the kind that will really save the world. The kind that will make us all believe that love is really beautiful. Thank you very much!

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Jim and Saab {to infinity and beyond} from Notion in Motion on Vimeo.

to infinity and beyond! #jimsaabsavetheworld

falling in love at the right time may one of the greatest feelings ever.
colours seem brighter, sounds more resonant and it is
truly an awesome feeling.
for Jim and Saab there’s so much more to come.

“Everyday I’m thankful that we fell in love at the right time. Three years ago I danced with you once upon a dream. Now I dance with you every night and today I’m marrying my dream. Tonight I’m gonna get to dance with my husband” – Saab

“Most people spend so much time looking for a typical perfect girl. But the truth is there is no perfect girl, only a perfect friend. a best friend. that’s YOU.
so before God today I promise you a life of laughter, my loyalty and a whole lot of rock n’ roll” – Jim

you better have lots of tissues handy because this wedding are capable of bringing even the most hardhearted among us to tears. 🙂


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