Holiday to Party

Holiday to Party

What I like about the holiday is that it’s so filled and busy with events that it challenges everyone to change looks instantly – from day to night, from office to party or from casual to extraordinary. And I really love doing makeovers! I won’t publish some of my December events coz they’re so many but I’m so amazed by how now I can do make-up of my friends and cousins in comfort rooms of clubs, malls and houses in minutes, given limited materials! hahaha

So in one random coffee night with my stylist friend, Stephanie Cudal, who came from a styling stint, it turned out to be a tutorial, makeover, bonding and pictorial in one, in 3 hours! haha I was the makeup artist (with a few tools) and photographer while she styled herself with limited accessories and just one bottom – the Levi’s Metallic pink foil jeggings which I just bought this Christmas because of her insights! It was really perfect because I got a lot of ideas on how i can wear this.

1. Casual Look

And pink! Steph said that for her casual look, she would use all pink (regardless of texture) to match her jeggings and I used a lipstick that totally matched her hues.
And the pink lipstick from Shiseido looked good on her, with minimal eye or cheek color!

Here’s another casual look! I asked her for a less girly look and tadah! Just a plain white shirt and accesories would do as per her. As for her makeup, I removed the pink lipstick and used a red one and slightly intensified her liner and shadows.

IMG_4485 IMG_4492 IMG_4492 (1) IMG_4501 IMG_4505 IMG_4496 IMG_4471 IMG_4466 IMG_4472 IMG_4474

2. Office look
Now, this I really need. With the same jeggings, Steph used a top with the same shiny texture as the jeggings and contrasted the overall hue with black – the Coach bag, the Ray-Ban glasses and the top. As for her makeup, I brought back the pink lipstick so it would not be so black and white, and minimized the liner on the lower eye area to not have an “eye-bag” effect with her glasses on! So corporate yet glam!

IMG_4510 IMG_4515

3. Party Look
Since the overall texture is shiny and shimmery, I started with the lippies that had what I needed. I used the mid-red from the reds of the Guerlain Shine Automatique line and oh, I really loved the level of shine (and the sparkles) it gave on her. The packaging is also perfect for parties as it’s not so messy! Shimmery and dark eyes. I used the Bobbi Brown To-Go Smokey palette which had white shimmers that I placed in the inner eye corner area for a bigger eye effect.I also used the shimmery brown and black of the smokey palette which matched her hair and clothes as well! Done with the shiny smokey party makeup which matched her outfit. She used the gliterry black pumps again
for the night look for a shiny texture.

Really love doing this! More of this in my next posts! Hope you learned something coz I absolutely did from her! Thanks so much Steph!


IMG_4538 IMG_4558 IMG_4551 IMG_4580 IMG_4587 IMG_4600

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