Free As Hair

Free As Hair

Lady Gaga once said, “I’ve had enough, this is my prayer, that I’ll die livin’ just as free as my hair”. A while ago, my newest wig style arrived and I was so ecstatic to shoot it. Just to be clear, I love my natural hair (esp my current trim, color – c/o Cedar Salon) but there are just times that I want to take portraits of myself and express my mood without further damaging (through bleaching and coloring), thinning and styling my hair. I just wanna wear a wig cap, put on that lace-front wig, some makeup and then shoot. And below was today’s output.

  • Top: Topshop
  • Sunnies: Sunnies
  • Hair: Peary

The new Palmolive line -which Ill be sharing/reviewing soon- that does wonders for my natural hair lately

Skyline via Rooftop at Privato Hotel

Also shot my #E0SM10Adventure entry a while ago

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