Last week, I posted something about my experience at Megamall Fashion Hall. I got discriminated many times at their entrance ever since the mall opened a few years ago (the photo on cover). I’ve been shrugging it off whenever I would attend events but it was just the worst 2 weeks ago. I am meeting the company tomorrow morning, and I’m quite nervous about this. I invited some of my sisters in STRAP (STRAP Kababaihan Philippines, Inc. or Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines, a pioneer transgender rights advocacy and support organization in the Philippines) to hopefully tell our community’s concerns too and recommend some changes based on SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, gender Identity and gender Expression). I think that that will be the best apology, given that we don’t have a anti-discrimination bill yet, which I hope Geraldine Roman would really push for in the Congress.Expression in style, makeup or other things is a factor in gender and it is important to us, especially to me, because I rely on it to represent my gender. When a mall is about fashion or style, there should really be a sensitivity about this.

But I just want to get this off my chest because I don’t want to be misunderstood here. I got some comments (from some friends as well) that I’m making a big deal out of this, or that I’m too dramatic. “Oh Yes,transgenders should be given a VIP lane“. Ever since I realized I’m transgender in college, I promised myself to just voice out all the difficulties and issues of being a transgender. More words, more understanding, I believed. It’s just a matter of human respect, and right to express ourselves as the woman we choose to be.  That is all, guys.



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