Products That Address Changes in Skin & Mind?| Kanebo SS17

Products That Address Changes in Skin & Mind?| Kanebo SS17

If you have been following my blog since 2013, you know that Kate/Kanebo is one of my trusted foundation brands. This Japanese cosmetics believes that “life is a masterpiece day by day” with products made with premium quality materials and advanced technology.


Weeks ago, I attended the launch of their SS collection for this year but I’ve been receiving PR from them since last year. I’ve been trying most of their products and sharing them soon at this blog but below are innovative new products and updates from this brand that I would like to share to you.

For makeup, the idea is Defining Pure Grace. “The secret of beauty is simple. Inner allure – having soft and tender glow from within” with products that focus on skin as well.

3 things caught my attention: Selection Color Eyeshadows, Dual Radiance Foundation and the Light Glow primer.


I have tried the Selection color eyeshadow and the elegant finish and texture is what I like the most. When it comes to both coverage/pigmentation and texture/feel, The dual radiance foundation (P2700) is the bomb.


I have swatched this and as usual, Kanebo has one of the best foundation powders in the world, if not in Asia. This time, they have a radiant finish that give the face a depth, developed with two types of particles – soft proof powder and luster fit powder.


Then the skin care which is really exciting and innovative in terms of discovery. Kanebo believes that everyone, amid the flow of time, is continually changing from one instant to the next. One day, one month, one year. The rhythm of beauty changes as life changes and the Chrono Beauty collection focuses on changes in the skin and MIND, providing optimal care and beauty.


Very true to the Japanese philosophy, and applicable in our tropical countries, these specialized product series with  formulation developed over the last 80 YEARS address daily concerns (moisture, firmness) and even up to monthly or yearly ones like air, temperature that affect radiance, tone and pores.

It’s really about the rythym. As you can see below, there’s a calculation of how skin changes and is constantly influenced by many external and internal factors.



From the serums to toners and cleansers, the ingredients are made of natural ingredients like Rose hip oil, Althaea root extract, etc perfected by science and technology. Upon swatching, you can already feel and see how fine the products are, and that there is no strong fragrance. Kanebo has performed a thorough analysis of the “fragrance of tea flower”s from China and Japan that integrates comfort, not just scent.

Excited to try more of Kanebo products at this blog soon, especially skin care. Stay tuned!

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