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Last December, I started gifting friends and family with items that I really thought of. I’ve been saving up since last year and I realized that the value of my presents doesn’t matter if I make them really special, unique and personal.

And so for Father’s Day week, I found some items that are less ordinary than alcohol, perfumes or clothes that we usually give to our dads. This website is pretty amazing! Personally, my dad is a big spender on branded stuff – bikes, clothes, belts, cars. He has always liked the perfumes I give him (and receive from events of fragrances for men haha) but this time, I think he would get to see how unique these are and complement it with his things.

1.  Personalized Whisky Glass

Since he loves Johnnie Walker so much ( but I wanted to give him the cool whiskey stones in the web!!!) and bonding with us while drinking (haha), I think that this would perfectly fit his curated office and den. Made by Becky Broome, “you can enter up to five lines of text with a message of your choice. You can enter up to ten uppercase characters including spaces and punctuation for lines one, two and three (larger font). You can then add up to eighteen uppercase characters including spacing and punctuation for lines four and five.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.19.25 PM

2. Wooden Wireless Charger

My dad has around 5-10 gadgets (I think our parents are becoming really techy!!) and aside from the wireless speakers I gifted him before, this would be the perfect partner to his Facebook (and IG!!!) world. This is made by Make Me Something Special in collab with Aircharge, a UK based company that specialise in wireless phone charging technology. While Aircharge supply the wireless technology, we have designed a perfect and beautiful personalised wooden holder, handcrafted from our hand selected English Oak and our Amish American Black Walnut in our Surrey Hills Workshop, carved, smooth and finished to perfection and can be engraved with your choice of words or lettering.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.20.16 PM

3. Hip Flask

Last year, I bough a Scorpio-inspired flash from a bazaar and I saw my dad using it on trips. This is just perfect for all of our cool dads! Created by Highland Angel, “The flask can be engraved with your own message of up to four lines, with a maximum of up to 28 characters in each. There is a choice of a plain or script font to match your style.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.20.41 PM

4. Personalized Watch Stand

Men’s top accessory is a watch unlike us girls with so many stuff so a personalizes and curated stand would like nice on their desks!! Perfect to gift this season or even this Christmas! “Handmade from beautiful English Oak and Amish American Black Walnut in our Surrey Hills workshop, these stunning oak watch holders can be personalised to make a truly unique and timeless gift. When it is down time – you will always know where you left your watch.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.22.37 PM

5. Photo print!

I found a similar one that I gifted my mom last Christmas and thinking of making and personalizing one for him with photos of his trail and bike adventures!!!

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.21.41 PM

These are really amazing items from Gifts Less Ordinary!. We all know gifting is big in our country and this would make it really special.

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