Chvrches x Passion Pit x #GoodVybesFest

Chvrches x Passion Pit x #GoodVybesFest

Last year, I missed Passion Pit’s concert in Manila (even if it was cancelled!) and because I really love this indietronica band ever since their first album, Manners, in 2009 (I even made an LOTD based on my favorite song, Moth’s Wings) I made sure had the time for it despite my super hectic February. After all, this is a different and less upbeat festival from the EDM ones I attended last year, and I like more of the former now (#TitaMode)

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It was not my first Vybe festival as I attended one 2 years ago. I like that they’re very organized and unique in their events, although I noticed that the venue – Aseana Open Grounds – is not very condusive for a packed festival as it’s not polished and safe for the lungs and nose.  I ended up with a congested nose after due to the grounds’ dirt and dust (major cry!). I also like that for the booths, credit and debit cards are also accepted as I find it dangerous to bring cash in events like these.

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I screenshot! #occasional snapchatter here LOL

As with rave-mates, I came with Vina, Christine, David, Mariel and Earl – thanks guys for a fun night!! We went straight from Super Sale Bazaar, and we just saw the main acts – Chvrches and Passion Pit. Aside from the music, we just got amazed by this German brand, Klopfer, which was available in the venue and will be at fests in the coming months. It’s fun party shots (16% content) contained in cool mini-bottles. I like the different flavors (I’m reminded of the Neds flavors!) and happy that I didn’t get much hangover despite the 3 boxes we consumed haha

Favorite @chvrches song! #GoodVybesFest

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Up on the blog! Hi @sarahtirona ?? #GoodVybesFest

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Klopfer’s fun box!

More photos of the event below:

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While I’m definitely a Passion Pit fan and he got to play and slay his top songs like Take A Walk, SleepyHead, etc with his unique and high voice, I was surprised that I liked Chvrches more on stage and in their music in general. I’ve heard of them before but I really got to appreciate them more here such that I’ve been playing them on Spotify until now (my favorite is the one on Soundcloud below)

The concert featured a lot of indie (global & Filipino) artists and it’s very nice of Vybe to provide a different experience in the country. I am already looking forward to the next #GoodVybesFestival!

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Michael Angelikos of Passion Pit

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