2/3 Optical Illusion Garden Nymph | NYX #FaceAwardsPH (VOTE!)

One day, I was sitting in our sofa as my mom was fixing the sequined patches she’s selling at bazaars. They looked very pretty and kinda hypnotizing, especially the butterfly ones. And so I thought : Why shouldn’t I recreate this via glitters and metals on my face and create an optical illusion that’s so illuminating?  😉

If you like this look, please VOTE FOR ME at https://faceawards.nyxcosmetics.com.ph/. 3x per day per person/email until the 15th of May, hope I get your support if you like the 3 looks I’ve done, the story I’ve created and the film I produced by myself in San Antonio Pundaquit Zambales Philippines.



Check full tutorial here:

DSCF7498 DSCF7508

Key NYX products used:

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garden2 ny1

patches and mirrors available at Mikka’s Closet.


Metallic Fiery Forest Nymph

The challenge was enchanted nymph. I’ve been so in love with metallics (and glitters) since last year and gold and yellow, which are the colors of 2017. I was inspired by fire, the woods, and the birds. I hope you get inspired by my mood too!

If you like this look, please VOTE FOR ME at https://faceawards.nyxcosmetics.com.ph/. 3x per day per person/email until the 15th of May, hope I get your support if you like the 3 looks I’ve done, the story I’ve created and the film I produced by myself in San Antonio Pundaquit Zambales Philippines.


Check out the full tutorial here:



Key NYX products used:

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Vote for Me: NYX #FaceAwards Top 15!

As you girls all know, I got in to the Top 30 of the 1st NYX Face Awards competition in the Philippines and I would like to thank you for the support and encouragement you’ve given me since I entered. I like how this has been challenging my creativity as an artist, how I want to take it further to vlogging, and also how I accept myself (like speaking, literally in videos 😉 and  sharing more about beauty and beyond. Now I need your help as you will decide who will move to the next rounds.

In the below video makeup tutorial and travel film, I made a story about a nymph that has the ability to transform herself in anything that her heart desires.

This is also kinda personal to me as a transgender and beauty guru so I really stretched my imagination and made it into something that I really would like to consider as my art. It’s DAY 3 already of voting and I really hope that I get your support. I placed so much effort and production in making this and I hope that you can vote for me! See below how you can do that, and share to your friends too =)

VOTE FOR ME at https://faceawards.nyxcosmetics.com.ph/. 3x per day per person/email until the 15th of May, hope I get your support if you like the 3 looks I’ve done, the story I’ve created and the film I produced by myself in San Antonio Pundaquit Zambales Philippines.



Pond’s has been releasing lots of new products and it’s really nice that they’re sampling them also at Sample Room. I’ve been to a few Pond’s events in the past months and I finally got the time to review some of their new and revolutionary products the past year, or months. Today, I will be reviewing in detail the White Beauty Spotless Rosy white cream and Age Miracle corrector cream which are more fit for the skin that I have now


But let’s talk briefly first about Acne Clear. I’ve detailed this technology in this post-event of the launch a few years ago, and I use these once a week to remove my dead skin cells and it has been working in that routine becauseI just get occasional acne in my age.


Let’s start with White Beauty. I got this 20g sample from www.Sampleroom.ph. It is said that this product has ” double whitening formula with Vit B3 which helps boost skin’s natural whitening ability deep inside, but also clinically proven to fade away even stubborn dark spots for spotless rosy white skin on the outside”


To me, it seems like this product is so hardworking to penetrate deep and reflect it outside. I’ll be doing some first impressions review on this one using the swatches I have below with Age Miracle.
Now, Age Miracle is something I need in my age now. According to Pond’s, the “NEW Pond’s Age Miracle, with Retinol-C Complex works 24 hours non-stop. It helps reduce wrinkles, for a youthful glow. Pond’s Age Miracle is the latest innovation from The Pond’s Institute, a pioneer of skincare since its inception in 1992. Today, NEW Age Miracle is Pond’s first ever gold standard anti-aging formula with the Retinol-C Complex, a new game-changing technology that works 24 hour non-stop for rapid wrinkle repair and boosted youthful radiance.”


Since both are day creams or moisturizers, an arm swatch could be done. Below shows how at first, they look thick. Upper one is the White beauty which looks “marshmallowey” which is kinda trendy in skin care where bouncy formulations are seen better for absorption. Age Miracle is more like the typical day cream we would see.

ponds6 ponds5
But, what surprised me is that it actually gave an illuminating effect on the skin which is cool for an anti-wrinkle product – it will save you a good highlight already. It feels soft, blends and absorbs easily with even application/consistency. The scent is less strong that the other Pond’s products Ive used which is nice.

On the other side of my face, I put the White Beauty cream. Upon first application, it kinda is streaky with residues but Im really impressed with what followed after some blending and drying.

ponds 1

It gave a brightened matte yet soft-to-touch effect on the skin. It also was YES, rosy and is just perfect for any prepping of skin for makeup. Versus Age Miracle which is dewy (which I think is needed for that purpose), I like how all these resulted after 5-10 minutes.

ponds2 ponds9

I tried placing the White Beauty cream on my T-zone to test how my spots there will vanish and OMG, it made my nose look illuminated (but not so bright!) and more flawless.

After a few minutes of drying, the end result impressed me on how the formula and texture of these products worked on my dull, oily (kinda dry), kind of skin with pores and fine lines. Im gravitated towards using White beauty for everyday and Age Miracle at night since the latter is a bit heavier and treatment-oriented but Im very impressed with these so far.
Have you tried any of these? Share your thoughts below and on Sample Room so other girls can know as well!





Nano-E Straightener

After my Thailand trip, I just completely got rid of wavy hair and curls (Chalita influence! haah) and I got a new friend after 4 years of sticking to my old straightener.

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Panasonic beauty is a Japanese brand and I just trust their products especially when it comes electronic or gadgets. My friend once bought a fake hair electronic product once and I saw how it exploded. I think I now have a phobia, and of course, the anxiety of burning my already thinning hair.

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The Nano-E straightener promises a to maintain color of hair moisture because of its Photoceramic coating plate. My last hair color was before my Thailand trip. When I got home, I got this and have been using this. My hair color still looks amazing now and haven’t had a retouch for months.


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But also, I really like how thin and flexible the structure is. My hairstylist friend uses this brand and Ive seen how she works wonders on celebrities’ hair (whether straight or kinda wavy). The thinner, the better to create waves and volumize hair.

So below is the BEFORE photo while my hair is wet. I really like that it also can be used during this stage, because I really hate blow drying my hair.


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Below is the after. It looks very sleek and fine with minimal split ends and frizz.

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I also like that I can control it to 5 temp settings. I usually put more heat on the ends than part nearer the roots to avoid damage on my hair.



This EH -HS95 model is worth P6999 and while it’s more expensive than my previous brand I bought in Watsons, I think it is worth the investment for the care it gives the hair. I’ve noticed reduced falling hair and it just looks more healthier and natural-looking.


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Overall, I would rate this a 5/5. Im excited to explore more hairstyles with this tool, and some new ones from below: brushes from Tangle Angel and Wet Brush (I use both for different techniques and needs – the former for blow-drying and curling because of its design while the latter for quick frizz-free straight hair needs ) and the rest from 1721 hair accessories which are very helpful in the looks I have been making the past months.

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Strobing Sticks Below P400

I have always liked highlighting, but little on strobing. I thought that the latter is more about trends and I cannot define my face without contouring. Nonetheless, I like that new Strobing/highlighting sticks in the market make my highlighting more intense (my technique is to layer it with powder highlighter for higher staying power – as creams do stay longer).

Below are quick swatches of my favorite department store highlighter/strobing sticks in different colors and finishes. BYS’ give a solid pigmentation that can be blended (these are currently being given away at #bysdominatesfaceartistry events so make sure you attend a workshop!) while Maybelline has a beautiful sheer  and skin-like glowing effect. What are your bets?

blended bys3 DSCF7167 bys8


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Store of The Future

Kiehl’s first Philippine store in Greenbelt 5 opened back in 2007, and has since accustomed Filipinos to their warm customer relations, beautiful aesthetics (apothecary feels ever since!) and of course, products that work, combining science and nature.Last week, Kiehl’s invited us to checkout the redesigned store. I like how these events go because I get to know how the brand thinks for its beloved consumers.

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“Quality is a defining characteristic of Kiehl’s, but so is discovery,” stated Sher Le Chua, General Manager L’Oreal Luxe Division. “It is our goal to infuse our stores in the Philippines with the Kiehl’s New York apothecary heritage, history of innovation, highly personalized customer service and generosity. The Kiehl’s retail store brings these company values to our customers in an immersive, inviting environment.”

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Aside from the store being IG-friendly, indeed, the Kiehl’s brand alongside its customers continues to grow and adapt into the ever-changing lifestyle of the times. I know a lot of corporate and busy women using the Midnight Recovery for example, to combat signs of stress on the skin. This line has expanded to a day concentrate as you can see below, that responds to a 24-H skin recovery.

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To constantly be working hard and being on top of their game is every power woman’s motto. Not once do they move forward without being prepared in all aspects of their life including their skin care regimen. Kiehl’s understood that need and has curated POWER SERUMS to match the lifestyle and needs of every woman.

My favorite is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate works perfectly for a night owl like me who work hard in the afternoon and party harder in the evening.
I haven’t tried the  Daily Reviving Concentrate but it is said to be Paraben free, Mineral oil free, non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic, and comes from 100% natural origin. Years ago, I’ve tried Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solutions which does wonders on my blemish or dark spots after a summer trip.
Also made with VitC, I alternated it with the Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate which also helped eliminate my fine lines. These are really effective serums that I switch back to depending on my skin care need.

To keep up with the pace, Kiehl’s reinvents and revamps their flagship store. What once was a quirky apothecary is now the Store of the Future with warm wood, marble accents, and vintage brass meets glass and stainless steel fixtures reminiscent of a modern-day lab. Reminded me of my Chemistry days, only in a much futuristic set up 😉

“From the minute a customer enters the store, we want them to feel welcomed. It’s common to see new customers pass by our store, make a double-take at the eclectic design before entering the NYC quirky world of Kiehl’s,” as stated by Joan Hwang, Product Manager for Kiehl’s Philippines. “This time, with our Store of the Future concept, we have elevated this experience for our customers with our enhanced store design and experience. We want our stores to tell a story about our history and formulas to foster a casual and fun environment for our customers to try our products. This is what makes Kiehl’s unique.”

The Kiehl’s “Customer Favorites” is now front and center in the revamped store, where customers can easily access what is loved by avid Kiehl’s users. Classic Kiehl’s fixtures such as the vintage Harley Davidson, and the beloved skeleton fixture “Mr. Bones” is still kept in-store for familiarity and ease for customers.

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According to Noelle Tiongson, Visual Merchandising Manager for Kiehl’s Philippines, “We designed around our products to invite exploration, like testing a product on the skin or learning about the origins of the formula’s natural ingredients. These moments let the customer pause, learn and discover what is best for them.”

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By bringing the Kiehl’s Store of the Future to their customers allows a better and enhanced overall service which I can personally recommend. In-store Kiehl’s Customer Service Representatives are highly trained to entertain and assist to every customer’s needs allowing them to prepare for their future.



Before heading to Miss Universe preliminaries, I went to a beauty event that showcased professional European and US brands that can now be found in department stores. They’re Instagram-popular brands and I got the chance to explore them in person makeup. Locally, I think we can expect more and more launches and sophisticated brands in the market. Exciting times indeed!


In the event, they showcased 8 brands and lots of products that each carry. It was just a makeup heaven! Above are the products that caught my eye!

Let’s start first with Catrice. CATRICE is a brand that’s known to never miss a single trend, must-have or detail. The range is extremely convincing: a large choice of colours with trendy as well as classic shades for diverse looks.



I also have a product from Essence, a #1 makeup brand in Europe. It is known to give easy access to great products that inspire and helps express style, confidence and fun. I love that they they also have a full range of breakthrough beauty products and the season’s hottest colors and formulas.


Here’s a preview of the nude shadow from Catrice, and the contour from Essence. I agree that these products have high-quality ingredients (look at the pigmentation!), luxurious textures and innovative formulas.


It is also very great that the these products are trendy and innovative, yet affordable. For example, the above eyeshadow base and brow mascara are only priced at P249!!!!


Now let’s check the loose powders from the above brands – together with a pressed powder from Flormar, offering colorful and fun products for all women. Flormar has committed to be the best friend of women since 1970. With almost 2,000 products in its portfolio, annual production volume of 120 million pieces and close to 700 stores in 250 cities of 93 countries in the world, Flormar is strengthening its color presence every day.


The pigmented powders have got to be my favorites – look at how soft and creamy these are! Also, these products are priced below P500!!!

Now let’s check out the lippies from this brand through quick swatches below of their matte lipticks.


No wonder why Flormar is the Number 1 makeup brand of Turkey and has a 1/4 share in the country’s colored cosmetics market!

What brands and products from these brands caught your eye? I’m just excited to include these in my reviews and swatches in coming months!!

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10 Department Store Powder Highlighters To Check Out

Thanks to Jeffree Star and Nikkie Tutorial’s influences, I’ve been addicted to all the sheer, glass, or blinding highlighters I can see in stores and online. I’ve been using this magical thing a year after I started blogging but the times are different now. You can see this product just everywhere, including department stores, and that’s really practical for all the beauty junkie’s out there.


A highlighter is defined by the finish of the whitish pigment – shimmer, shiny, sometimes like mirror or glass – the complete opposite of a contour. By purpose, it’s optics – it’s supposed to make areas of the face pop (and sometimes flat, when it’s too mirror in finish) when light hits the face. I like how this freshens any face, reduces lines and structures face (esp my undereye-cheek area which is quite sagging). There’s just so much variety in the beauty industry now and let me review some for you!

highlight 2

Above is a full arm swatch of all my favorite pigments from dept store highlighters I have on my kit. Let me start with one fav by beauty Youtubers. This brand just arrived  in PH a year ago and has been selling this thing like pancake!


Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice ($14.99) – Aside from the gorgeous gold packaging, this is innovative in a way that it has 1 cream and 3 powder highlight formulas which allows for layering and customizing effects. There’s an opaque yellow shade for warm skin tones, a lavender color shade and my favorite from this, (the middle one) a warm pink/rose color that’s light-medium in sheen/shimmer. The quality of shimmer here is not powdery, but truly bright and illuminating (see how the arm swatch became darker as it focused on the pigment so much). The downside only is that sometimes this can be appear too blinding as you can see that the shimmers appear like diamond eyeshadows (but of course, versus eyeshadows, highlighters are softer and more easy to apply on face)

I really love how creamy and performing this product is in terms of texture and consistency and ability to blend and use. One swipe gives so much! I’ve been using this palette for 3-4 months already and I’m just nearly half of it. I use it everyday and on special occasions that need some extreme blinding!


Australian brand BYS has launched different palettes for Filipinas with various color combinations and finishes. The brand has been famous for its beautiful contour trio, but let’s check out their highlighters with a new one in 4’s!


BYS Highlighting Palette in Ultra-Glow ($ 7.95) – This is the newest highlighter from the brand and it boasts of warm shades of shimmer for morena skin tone. I really love that champagne shade in the middle with a light sheen. I adore that this is pigmented and consistent despite the low price.


BYS Highlighting Palette in Glistening ($ 7.95)* – My favorite one from the 3-4 palettes especially because of the rose shade on the top most of my arm. It’s just so pretty! There’s a color to it (can be a blush already) but combining it with the pinkish white pigment on the middle, it will give that gorgeous blush shade!!! All the colors are warm, pigmented, and really illuminating. Upon picking up by brush, there might be some fall out but I suggest spraying a primer on the brush for blinding realness.


BYS Highlighting Palette in Luminous ($ 7.95)* – This is a good selection of warm and rose colors. The top most is like the rose color in Glistening, and the middle lavender shade is perfect to contrast a warm look. Then you have a yellow one for morena skin tones. All in all, these highlighters are very affordable yet performing in all aspects!




There’s also highlighters under the HD Cheek color line of Pink Sugar, a homegrown brand that was recently launched here. I was actually surprised by how sophisticated the brand is to launch quite a number of highlighter shades and the below two caught my eye.


Pink Sugar HD Cheek Color in Concrete Jungle (approx $10)* – While this is in mono and while packaging is quite difficult, I was surprised by how beautiful this highlighter is. See that while it may appear white and opaque upon finger swatch, when blended, it has a beautiful gold sheen that’s completely wearable.

Pink Sugar HD Cheek Color in Concrete Jungle (approx $10)* – Compared to above, this is creamier and more shimmery in a beautiful light-medium warm pink shade. I have been using this last year and it just gives a picture-perfect glow on the cheeks even under flash. Also, I agree that this is HD in finish.


We also have highlighters that are often called illuminators because of their sheen effect – I have two brands under this category. Versus the blinding ones, these work very well in day light. Usually, they’re combined with a blush pigment to allow a gradient effect. See options from NYX below – they also even have a blush + highlighter + bronzer!


NYX Illuminator in Chaotic ($ 9)* – I was quite confused with this as a highlighter but when blended, this coral pink with gold sheen reminded me of NARS orgasm but very subtle. While a bit powdery and light in its highlight pigment ( I suggest to use a packing brush that’s wet when picking it up), the blush color is just drop dead gorgeous, as with any Orgasm-like shades.

I have to check out out their Strobe of Genius palette to evaluate this versus others tho.


Mary Kay Mineral Color Duo ($18) * – Lastly, we have this blush duo in Mary Kay. while not a dept store brand, I was in awe to see how pretty the illuminator is in this product that i already consumed 2 of these. The blush is just Ok, but when blended with the illuminator (swatch you can see below), it gives a beauty powder finish that’s perfect for everyday look.


Now let’s put them all together on my arm under flash and definitely, BYS and Sleek win in the blinding highlight award while Pink Sugar, NYX and Mary Kay in giving a subtle sheen. See how all of these perform very well in being not chalky or powdery despite their low prices. Definitely value for money! Just know where and how you’ll use it and you can check our these options.

highlight 4


highlight 2


Sephora Picks & New Brands To Try This 2017

I’m all for exploring new makeup brands. I think of each label as unique, whether in packaging, formulation or area of expertise, and even in beauty philosophy. It widens my knowledge about makeup (and beauty). And aside from the being fun, the experience is of course part of my job as a makeup blogger. =)

2016 was a really quick and competitive landscape for beauty with lots of innovations, ranges and new brands launched. I must admit that it was that year also that I bought so much makeup abroad with the mindset of just exploring cosmetics even more.


So I got really excited when Sephora sent me best-selling products from brands that I haven’t tried ever. It’s really just so convenient and luxurious to have Sephora.PH here now. I remember visiting the store in SG a few years ago! Now, we can buy our favorite products, or in my case, cult makeup brands I wanna try, with much ease and less cost (shipping, a lot of promos, etc).

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

My haul contains base products from brands such as Becca, Too Faced, and Guerlain. I’ll tell you my first impressions about these in a bit!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Let me start with something that I’ve been wanting to get ever since I realized that concealer isn’t enough to cover my shaving marks which appear as green. I’ve been used to placing 2-3 layers of concealer on my upper lip to avoid the shadows but it just doesn’t work all the time despite how hard-working the concealer is.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Becca Backlight Targeted Color in Papaya (P1773), is a highly pigmented, targeted cream colour corrector that neutralizes discolourations while brightening up the complexion with light-reflecting pearls.

Backlight Targeted Colour Correctors feature a highly pigmented formula that neutralizes discoloration. This creamy formula is infused with subtle luminosity to blur the look of imperfections, leaving your skin looking corrected and luminous.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter (P1943), 

Backlight Priming Filter creates a canvas for your makeup, extending its wear from day to night. Infused with three unique Filtering Luminescent Pearls, each one adds a different drop of diffused light. Blended together, they impart a one-of-a-kind, lightweight, whipped fluid that creates a smooth canvas and acts as an instant filter, while the vitamin E-enriched formula minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Backlighting acts as an instant filter, creating a diffused, soft-focused radiance that allows your complexion to catch light for a glowing look. Infused with Becca’s proprietary blend of crushed pearls, this primer achieves a lit-from-within, healthy-looking effect.



Notice how

becca 3

Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer – Hydrating Blurring Effect 12ml (P2213), 

Guerlain Mulit-Perfecting Concealer is a hydrating concealer that blurs imperfections for flawless complexion. Color correct your skin tone, hide dark circles and small imperfections, and create a natural-looking finish. It instantly blurs dark circles and imperfections while a treatment complex that reduces the signs of under eye puffiness and hydrates overly dry skin.

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Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer (P1696),

Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer banishes the appearance of dark circles and imperfections while it blurs the look of lines and wrinkles. The creamy and comfortable oil-free formula is packed with natural skincare benefits and a proprietary blend of colour correctors to create the look of flawless skin. The result: a complexion that appears naturally radiant when applied over or under foundation—even when worn alone.

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