Estee Beauty Signature Techniques

When I was a kid, I would always see mom glorifying lots of Estee Lauder products – from those beige-colored jars for her eyes to the dark blue compacts of foundation. Then I grew up and realized that those cosmetics still stayed in her cabinet (even those that are emptied already!)

So when Estee Lauder Philippines invited me to this event, I told myself: this is the chance to finally reveal to myself mom’s secret for years! 😉 I attended the event at Rustan’s Shangrila where the new Estee counter was built. The feel’s very classy, accommodating and professional with Estee’s signature blue color.

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More importantly, the brand demonstrated the different signature makeup techniques that can be availed in their counter. Maybe this was one of mom’s secrets which I already knew because of this event.

1. SKIN CARE HELPS MAKEUP. Brand Coordinator Liz and Estee makeup artist started by asserting that products for skin are essential for makeup. Based on the Estee way, I would like to believe that these products enhance the capabilities of makeup to finally transform or treat problem areas while you have them on your face. In the signature Estee Lauder “5-Step Face” technique below you can see that Step 1 is preparing skin either/both with repair and moisture. Step 3 illustrates skin care for the eyes. The Night Eye Serum automatically fixes the fatigue under the eyes (read: the lines and puffiness) and the concealer fixes the dark circles. Stay tuned for my review of this ‘Fatigue Fighter” technique and the Double Wear concealer! Never did I imagine combining the specific powers of skin care and makeup on the spot. Thanks Estee for this great insight.

Process0186 Process0173

2. RIGHT FOUNDATION & THE RIGHT WAY. Estee has an expert system that eliminates the guesswork to find the perfect foundation shade the first time. Estee’s makeup artist in Rustan’s demonstrated this to Julia, beauty blogger of Bless My Bag.The system uses three things: (1) Intensity; (2) Undertone and (3) Formula. Intensity is how dark and light you are. Before, this was my only basis in determining the right shade and realized that even if I found the right “light” or “fair” foundation for me, some were too pink or yellowish on my skin. But my discovery of makeup led to the understanding of undertones. As I’ve discussed before in lipsticks, your undertone (warm, cool or neutral) determines if the color will look or fit right on you. See the video below to further explain this.

Process0198 Process0148

With my experience, there is really no perfect way of determining the right foundation for you unless you really apply it on your face. But Estee devised a great, systematic and easy way to determine this on the first sight. Nonetheless, as Estee did, applying it still on your face would verify if the color hypothesis is right on you.

Moreover, if you noticed the Step 2 of the “5-Step Face”, Estee recommends applying foundation first where there is most redness,  usually the center of the face. this center is called the center of the flower; while the remaining parts of the faces are “petals”.  (Photo: think the purpose is to concentrate on a part that needs most coverage than the others, to look natural and not too made up.

Process0281 Process0332

Thank you Estee Lauder for allowing us to see these professional but easy-to-do techniques to perfect make up application. It was also fun to see Estee’s new products that looks very cute and colorful!