Rebellious Flowers

Here comes the magic of the season, when we are challenged to renew ourselves. As for makeup, it is the time to invent, and reinvent beauty with bright and bold colors and textures – I’m slightly making all the socials more colorful now =)

The trend in beauty pushes us to do no-makeup makeup looks but let’s not forget that we can also get that kind of bloom by being creative and by wearing colors that represent our energy, artistry and interpretations.


Last week, I attended MAKE UP FOR EVER’s event and they showed us a collection by Dany Sanz of MAKE UP FOR EVER who reinvented spring flowers for 2016. For her, colors take on a fresh, bold and luminous appearance. All daring exploits are possible for the whimsical artist and I got inspired by this.

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Key color cosmetics used for this look

I used the products above, especially the Artist Shadows Palette 3 (Limited Edition; PHP 2500), to create a staggering and enigmatic look for my eyes. Artist Shadows are one of my favorite eye color products, and I was so glad to explore more its metallic, iridescent, satin and diamond finishes. The palette has 9 colors that echo the hue trends this season, arranged as well to assure the right combinations for every interpretations.

Photo 10-02-2016, 6 14 51 PM

As for me, I used the top right purple metallic shade (ME-930), nude iridescent shade (I-544), and yellow highlight (ME-512) using the same eye style, but I placed the middle blush orange shade (I-804) for the lower lash and the apple of my cheeks to make the look more unique, warm but fresh. I complimented them with a thin black liner (forever black!), white-green waterline and volumizing falsies and lower lashes to make it more rebellious.


For face, I kept it at minimum and the same spectrum of pink, with a cheek color furthered by Sleek’s Face Form. For lips, I used a neutral-rose color highlighted by the New MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro-sculpting lip pen which has a highlighter on the other side.

BAckstage Spring 2016 model ; LI XIAOXING photo : RANKIN backstage : IGNACZAK / MAKE UP FOR EVER

BAckstage Spring 2016 model ; LI XIAOXING photo : RANKIN backstage : IGNACZAK / MAKE UP FOR EVER


I’m happy that I got to place more colors on my eyes lately but not the neon kind that you always see in my blog before. I like subtle yet psychedelic kind of colors for my eyes this season. I challenge you too to wear your floral interpretations in your makeup this season!


Earth Meets Water

When I started Break My Spell in 2012, I would spend nights at my room sticking fantasy falsies, painting my face, experimenting my eyes and wearing colorful wigs. It’s when I really felt really creative after years of doing office work, wearing only pants and polo shirts. After a few years of blogging and reviewing products, I kinda lost my mojo and I realized a few months ago that it’s because I don’t challenge myself anymore to communicate what i feel through makeup.

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So I went back to my room and channeled all my emotions (drama that is!!) and thought that i still could have this segment in this new site where I could share my fantasies. And this is how I feel.

Photo 09-12-2015, 12 51 50 AM

I placed neutral shimmering brown colors on my eyes using Laura Mercier and Estee lauder Pure Color. I like making mirror / watery effects on neutral colors because they doesn’t make it look so deep. I then contrasted it with a purple liner from Inglot for my water line, and a military green liner from Etude House for the upper part of my eyes.

Key products used:

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I got inspired by this song by Dash Berlin who I watched just recently.

Lay down tonight
The stars as our spine
Summer will fade
And it feels like I will lose you
With each of the turning tides
Till the first snow arrives

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What inspires you lately? Try to think about it and express your mood and yourself through some pigments you have at home!


We Got The Sparks

2015 is a great year for me, and in as much as I want to celebrate with fireworks and all and welcome 2016 which I’ll slay by the way =), my nose reacts so much with smoke. I remembered growing up just looking at the window of our house as my dad would ignite lots of fireworks outside. When I was a kid, I always hated my clogged nose (which i still have as of the moment), our foggy home and littered village due to all the grand putukan.


But last night, it was just a simple handaan at home with family. I just decorated our white wall with white christmas lights, took photos of myself and members of the family, and watched some fireworks from afar.


However, I got time (yey) and inspiration to do my makeup.

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I searched my baul of falsies from 2 years ago, wore them in layers, and on top of layered shimmers and glitters, and thought: Isn’t it a celebration of us and the year that was 2015? And for me, it was all about igniting passions. I know that this blog came late because I didn’t want it to be haphazardly created, but a I started a lot of things this year in my career and those wouldn’t happen without realizing some potentials and working hard to make them run. I’ve got more and I hope to have your support still!

I wouldn’t want to make this a long essay, so let me just express it through above and below photos haha (some photos I merged with firework photos from music festivals I attended early this year):

Photo 01-01-2016, 6 09 48 PM

Key products used:

The rest of my NYE celebration? bonding with family and our helpers at home. They’re my team of photographers, supporters, motivators, managers and family who help me do the things that I do.

I wish you a prosperous and happy new year!

IMG_7069any2 ny


OutWorld Halloween

I am a Mortal Kombat fan ever since PS1 and the 90’s films which i downloaded online and not because of the overly brutal moves (especially with the Mortal Kombat X in PS4 and iOS which I’ve been playing since summer) but because of how good and well-written their story is:  Earthrealm vs Netherrealm which also tells us about bravery, loyalty and also love and family. I’ve been really addicted to the new game because of the sequel, the super amazing graphics and yes, the scary and really fatal moves of their characters. So I had that idea for halloween.

Of course I’m princess Kitana in that game haha and I have always loved her sword fan but Mileena, which is of the same origin, appeared more scary and fierce with her Tarkatan mouth (sharp teeth).

Above is the finished product by MAKE UP FOR EVER (I had to ask help from them for the flash colors) and below were the pegs. i didn’t have much time for costume but I really want their sexy armor next time!

This kind of princess : #Halloween #peg! #mortalkombat

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Much of the products used for this look were the highly pigmented ones which MAKE UP FOR EVER is known for: Flash color palette, Aqua line, Artist shadows, etc.



MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Color Palette which you will need for your fantasy / halloween looks.

The focal points of the look were the face and eyes. i wanted to latter to be more glam =)


So my artist used green and blue colors (very kitana and Jade from Outworld) for my eyes and eyebrows. For my eyebrows, they had to use the Cloud White cream to cover it and the Aqua waterproof shadows to put color by just lining it (that’s how pigmented it is!). I got the chance to preview it last summer and I’ve been really liking it.

mufe3 mufe2 mufe5

I went to the Trinoma store and before I used to visit them at their pop up booth. i was so happy to see that it’s now an actual store that looked very professional and creative. i love the white brick walls which contrast the wooden structures and studio-like feel.


While I was there, I got the chance to tour and check out the new offerings of MAKE UP FOR EVER (see above). I’m giving you a preview of their new launches this year which i’ve been loving – will share these very soon: The new HD Foundation, Pro-Finish Foundation, Aqua waterproof liquid lipstick and shadows/liners.


What you think of my halloween look and how’s your halloween everyone?


Believe in Magique

Together with fellow media and bloggers, we were so gratfeul to be photographed by BJ Pascual to testify to the power of the MAT Magique, the review of which I’ll post soon. As my skin always gets tired from testing a lot of skin care and makeup, I really like how MAT Magique gave my skin a good coverage despite dullness and large pores due to acne and my super oily skin. Similar to Lucent Magique, I like how it helped the imperfections but this time, without the easier way of perfecting skin: illuminators. The matte effect is truly noticeable and versus the other L’Oreal Paris product, this is truly one mattifying foundation.
Anyway, below are more photos, using other L’Oreal Paris / Makeup Designer products with an eye color that I always see in the runway. #BelievingInMagique, you too can join the L’Oreal Makeup Designer/Paris consumer launch on January 31 to February 1 at SM Mall of Asia Atrium. A special treat await those who simply visit and purchase a Mat Magique for a chance to have their profile photos taken as well by none other than BJ Pascual!

Photography: BJ Pascual


Oh Holy Night

First, happy holidays everyone! I hope that you are having a good and cheerful one. It’s the time of the year to be with friends and family and to just celebrate the times!
Holiday is also when I can be sparkly! I love how the weather and the night can help me express my creativity. And when it comes to makeup, I like it to be bright but bold, as how I want my season to be, and so I brought out the most sparkling, highlighting products, new and old, that I’ve got and created a typical full-on smokey eye, volumized lips and highlighted face. Got the time and chance to create this in the studio and here’s what I got without beauty lights/ filters.
Photography: Benedict Bigalbal
As usual, I kept my full coverage foundation but I didn’t want it to appear like that. I also didn’t want my face to appear “oily” so i had to balance placing highlighters/shimmers on the face and contouring it. My trick (when on top of full coverage foundation) is to use highlighters and finishing products in powder form and use them separately, with great blending. That way, there can be no caking and layering can be done in a flawless way.
oh3 oh5 oh6
My focus was the eyes, as always, but this time, I did a full smokey eye which I think I haven’t done in months on this blog. I placed the shimmers on the usual areas that I wanted to highlight: inner corner, brow bone, but I also placed some on the inner lower corner to further add drama.
oh7 oh8
With the new dark brown hair with the help of L’Oreal Professionnel and Tony & Jackey, I had to tone down areas of my face. So the new lipstick I bought was perfect for any kind of bold eye makeup that i wanna do for the holidays.
What’s your holiday LOTD fav, girls? Share a comment below!
Happy Holidays again, and I hope that you’re having a great and bright time!