Beauty Is Science

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Cult/Pinoy Cosmetics of 2015

Last year, I've been to a lot of bazaars and I've been sent a couple of pinoy/indie/cult cosmetics & toiletries that we can't find in the huge department or drug stores. I like supporting these entrep brands or products (almost all are Filipino in this...

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11 Kylie Lip Kit Dupes

I am fascinated by King Kylie's glam, specifically with how clean, sexy and on point her makeup is, such that her own brand of  liquid lipsticks and lip liners got sold out immediately after 30 seconds. But what really interests me is how she has found and...

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Post-Christmas Unboxing

I got super busy over the holidays preparing for a pageant, and for this site, that I almost forgot to open my Christmas gifts from friends in brands, and gifts from relatives. I will be unboxing some below (and giving away some as well!) and...

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The Union Station Barber

I am always on the run, in between events and meetings left and right. So whenever i need to glam up for an important event or party, traffic and distance won't allow me to go home to dress up and  refresh. Salons have become my best friends...

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8 Dark Lipsticks For My Mood

I never thought I'd wear a dark lippie until I tried it on my lips a few years ago. I had one dark lippy purchase before - the MAC RiRi Talk That Talk - which ended up in my friend's pouch and became easy to let go...

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Balayage On Fleek!

Lately, I have become tired of my dull and thinning hair but I didn't want it to be so drastic as I experience falling hair whenever I'm stressed (and that's usually always) or when my hair receives a lot of heat, chemicals and stress as...