It was that night when I nearly fainted in front of a lot of people. I have never experienced such shame and for some, it might be just a small thing but for me, it meant not having access and freedom to places, to clothes that i want to wear, and the things I want to do. It wasn’t the first time I (and a lot of transwomen) experienced this from the series of clubs owned by the same management (e.g. Republiq, Prive, etc).

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And while they have changed the policies after several meetings (thanks to the real trans allies) that further fought for this, it is indeed an LGBT issue that is #BeyondValkyrie.

I really liked the official statement by STRAP published in Juan.com.ph where it tells us more about this struggle beyond clubs: “The Professional Regulation Commission or PRC’s Registry section required a transwoman to tie her long hair and look less masculine before being issued a professional license. Transwomen were being policed in terms of gender expressions and even appearances in public transports such as the MRT. And the list goes on and on and on. Unfortunately it is also the Philippines’ religiosity, which also influence these acts of prejudice and the nurturance of heteronormativity. Filipinos forget that long ago, the asogs, bayogs, bantuts, babaylanes, catalonans etc. are just among those whose gender expressions and perhaps identities defy a restrictive sense of the gender binary.

I have already experienced discrimination at a school that I thought was already advanced when it comes to this. At a mall that restricted me in the entrance for female. At an office where a director of the company told me to “dress properly”.

This doesn’t stop here and I hope we are still all in this together.


Update ( As of July 5. and September too!): I went to Valkyrie with my  transgender friends and bouncers had to ask the manager to still come over and check our “outfits”, after seeing our identification cards. there was still delay and calling out. My other friend wore skirt (me too) but we were allowed (ang labo lang din).

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Update ( As of October): No delay or calling out already.

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