Beauty Theraphy: D&V & Shu Uemura

Beauty Theraphy: D&V & Shu Uemura

A few weeks ago, I conducted a makeup and hair workshop in cooperation with D&V Hairpieces, a luxurious hair clip-on extensions brand made of 100% human hair, Shu Uemura, and my cousin-in-law/blogger Shari Macainag. When D&V asked me to do this, I was really thrilled because I’ve been an extension user ever since I started this blog – since I had to cut my hair before and I had a phase wear I would wear full-head wigs – and I really wanted to share my hair experiences.

Now hair extension education is really needed if one needs such a product. From proper application, selection of the right product and color, caring for the hair, to blending and styling. During the #beautytheraphy which started with a makeup workshop , I discussed basic color and lighting theory because really, matching hair color and shaping the hair or face is very much the same as the concept of foundation matching and contouring/highlighting. I also emphasized how the latter should be done by only targeting areas where needed, both for hair and makeup. (I will share more of this through a tutorial especially now that I have lighter and longer hair – and I love how D&V has single clip-on’s to selectively volumize my thinning hair. )


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It was a fun hands-on workshop and sort a meeting with our readers! Shari was able to discuss in detail as well her hair and makeup journeys. We then challenged the participants to do a makeover to one of their friends and despite limited time and resources, I think they learned a lot. Thank you to everyone who joined and of course, to D&V, Shu Uemura and Shari!

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