Balayage On Fleek!

Balayage On Fleek!

Lately, I have become tired of my dull and thinning hair but I didn’t want it to be so drastic as I experience falling hair whenever I’m stressed (and that’s usually always) or when my hair receives a lot of heat, chemicals and stress as well. So when I had the chance to try a different coloring experience, I decided to try the infamous Balayage that we see from famous global and local bloggers.

But aside from this hyper trend, and while I tried the this kind of “ombre” already before (meaning, highlights that aren’t proportional), I haven’t gone so far to really have an obvious gradient on my hair. Also, I just wanted to find a salon that’s so relaxing and pampering, after all the stress and toxic days I’ve had the past months.

Photo 14-09-2015, 11 12 52 AM

Photo 14-09-2015, 11 06 16 AM

The newly opened Cedar Salon in San Juan attempts—and succeeds— to fit the bill. Relaxation seeps through each nook in the salon, designed with Asian zen elements reminiscent of spa resorts in Bali—upon entering, I automatically felttransported to a serene world away from the bustle of the city. As client are put to ease by their surroundings, “Cedar Salon staff come ready to assist them, with their signature personalized service, offering the best in hair services. In Cedar, technical skills in hairstyling are always coupled with making guests feel that they’re in good hands in a serene, spa-like environment. That way, clients are treated not just as another head to style, but valued guests who deserve to be holistically pampered.”

Photo 14-09-2015, 11 12 09 AM

I also noticed that most of their products are Schwarzkopf, which i first tried here. I really like their hair care products, and most especially their brown colorants because they’re true and they last for long. The above photo features my hair which was last colored using the brand, and the fading was very minimal, after months and 3 beach trips.

So I had my hair colored, styled and balayag-ed. I instructed Jake that I want a different look, a more true brown color for my base, and a well-blended balayage. He told me the process of doing it, and told me that it’s like blending and layering makeup. The colors and the placement of lighter colors should be very well blended and mixed properly so it had a lot of hand work on (coloring and bleaching) with the products, which by the way didn’t have a strong scent. I think this technique takes a lot of practice and skill.

A few hours later, I saw a good kind of brown that suits my tone, and a well-blended  and placed highlights that enhanced the volume of my hair (again, concept of contouring and highlighting!!). I nearly screamed with joy after seeing the final product, which was enhanced by soft curls and a good blow-dry. I was so happy with the results I had to go out that night!!

Photo 14-09-2015, 8 40 59 PM

More photos of my fabulous hair below.

A hair color and balayage would cost around P3500-P4000 for mid-length. It’s actualyl affordable if you ask me, and I believe they achieved my hair goal with flying colors (my peg was Katy perry! haha)

Photo 14-09-2015, 8 49 15 PM

Owner Christine Rodriguez who’s also a makeup artist, recalls the very reason why she thought of reconceptualizing the salon experience with Cedar: “I felt like my life was boring, routinely and dull, and the idea hit me to start a unique concept for a salon.” Congratulations, Tin. The salon delivered my hair wants!

A few months after, I came back to the salon to have my hair retouch. Of course, any hair color would fade and become a bit yellowish especially when not maintained with products for colored hair. And I don’t use those because I really simplify my hair routine due to falling/thinning hair. But as you can see above, the highlights can still be seen and still suits the base color. Nonetheless, it has become dry too and rough because of the bleach.


Japanese brand Milbon delivers the answer for standout smooth hair: named Linkage Meu, this deep-conditioning treatment takes three steps to soften the hair: amino oil to smoothen the hair’s surface, a veil that seals in moisture, and a smoothening collagen as a top coat. The salon treatment is reinforced by home care vials to sustain the effects on hair. Each step is punctuated by a particular scent note, making the treatment experience relaxing as it is enriching for the hair.

When I came back i told them I needed to repair and enhance the contrast of my balayage (because I wanted a holiday look!) and below was the result, after a great treatment from Japanese brand Milbon that has collagen and hyaluronic acid (power ingredients for 2015!!) to repair hair.

Photo 13-11-2015, 7 30 07 PM

All throughout the week, my hair felt reborn. It was so smooth and silky, but still volumized (I really need that!). After, I also had my nails done and I like how they have nice pigmented and long-lasting polishes from The Makeup Store, and this color is just love. This lasted for two weeks.

It’s the season! #NOTD feat. @themakeupstore polishes available at @cedarsalon ?? #metimeatcedar #mikkigalangbeauty

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Photo 13-11-2015, 7 31 05 PM

Overall, I highly really recommend this salon because of how expert, creative, skilled the salon people are (I recommend Jake when you want to color or style your hair). Aside from them being so hospitable too, the place is just instagrammable and relaxing as well!

Cedar Salon is located at 200 A Wilson St., Addition Hills, San Juan. Follow them on social media via Facebook at and follow @CedarSalon on Twitter and Instagram.


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