Artist Lip Series

Artist Lip Series

Last summer, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduced 4 new lippie formats that’s inspired by artistry and color – Acrylip, Lip Blush, Lip Balm and The Pro-Sculpting Pen. I have only tried Rouge Artist before from the brand. While there’s just a few colors (limited too) for the new ones, I needed to review the textures and finishes as I noticed that the brand has been expanding their lip category which such nice lippies.


Excluding the balm, the 3 new formats are truly unique and different from each other and among other brands I think. Acrylip has a very nice brush that produces an acrylic finish, astounding coverage and consistency and intense color. Pro-Sculpting Pen, while designed to contour lips with a highlighter end, has a very nice matte and softening formula and finish. And Lip Blush has a very matte and sensual finish for a nice MLBB.

DSCF8983 copy

When it comes to qualities aside from color, Pro-Sculting Pen has got to be my favorite, followed by the Lip Blush and then the Acrylip. The Pen just glides so smoothly, giving a 100% perfect matte lip.



MUFE Pro-Scultping Pen in 10

Given my dry lip, it’s just the Acrylip that’s quite drying like the Rouge Artist but the rest are formulas to consider really. MUFE’s lippies are such an understatement I think.

While the new Rouge Artist is coming up this September, I just hope MUFe releases new colors for these formats. While there are orange hue releases for Acrylip (see below) and Lip Blush, I hope there are neutral and dark shades with these level of quality.


In color, while there are just 2-4 hue selections per kind, these are wearable colors for me – even the orange one!

  • MUFE Lip Blush in 921* (approx PHP 1000) [rosewood matte]
  • MUFE Pro-Sculpting Pen in 10 (approx PHP 1300) [dark rosewood matte]
  • MUFE Acrylip Stain in 922* (approx PHP 1200) [bright fuchsia cream]
  • MUFE Acrylip Stain in 932*(approx PHP 1200) [true orange cream]


Overall, I definitely will recommend and repurchase (my Lip Pen is my second one) for those who like to explore other lippie formats that are less drying but without the color and quality compromise. I hope they add new colors soon!

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