8 Dark Lipsticks For My Mood

8 Dark Lipsticks For My Mood

I never thought I’d wear a dark lippie until I tried it on my lips a few years ago. I had one dark lippy purchase before – the MAC RiRi Talk That Talk – which ended up in my friend’s pouch and became easy to let go because the cool toned lippy didn’t suit my skin, and a dark lippy in general just exagerrated my looks which often go with the smokey eyes. It was also uneasy to be called “ready for halloween”, or “member of the Adam’s Family”.

But gosh, what a catharsis to realize that dark lippies suit my moods whenever I’m feeling sad, dark, sexy or whatevs LOL, plus the fact that I’ve found the right colors that suit me! Yes, that’s how important it is because wearing the right color and undertone of lippy (warm or cool) will make you look bright (and blooming). We don’t want to look odd and “darker” when we already wear those dark and intense pigments.

dark lippies 2

So, I got really interested in this color pallete – and we’re not talking about deep reds even here – a blog post coming soon. Last year, I bought shades of so deep and so dark shades of browns, plums, and neutral that I like and wanna share to you.

dark lippies 5These are combinations of matte and semi-matte liquid and solid lipsticks that are just so pigmented – one quality that’s common with brands LA Splash, MAC, and Sleek. I will not discuss so much the feel and finish because that’s one separate post coming up!

dark lippies 3

In order of my favorites which are mostly browns and deep brown reds:

  • LA Splash in Raven (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – A warm red-brown. Coming from a popular launch of lipstick line originally called “Harry Potter lippies” which got so famous online, this shade is my top pick in the collection, but also prolly from the brand. I bought this vampy shade online and was shipped from USA, but this is almost sold out locally, and I’m so sad that mine is drying out already (almost finished the tube) so I just have the arm swatch above. It’s super opaque on lips and might appear black which is Ok to some, but I like wearing it a day more.
  • MAC in Antique Velvet (matte lipstick) [PHP 1000] -A warm dark chocolate brown. This is very much like the Kylie True Brown K (as discussed here) because it’s more muted (90’s brown!) and has mahogany undertones. It looks opaque but with light or flash, the brown color is very astonishing.
  • LA Splash in Untamed (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – A warm dark brown. This is redder than above but still has true brown color. This is more opaque so it tends to be darker and more intense than Antique Velvet though they are very similar.
  • LA Splash in Mistress (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600]* – A deep burgundy. This was sent to me recently by DTC Makeup which now distributes LA Splash officially. This is such a unique dark version of this color!
  • MAC in Instigator (matte lipstick) [PHP 1000] – A “deep blackened plum”. For me, it’s slightly cool, but not really completely as it has more berry-pink undertone. This may be a bit patchy than the usual MAC formula, but this color looks beautiful especially at night/flash.
  • Sleek in Smoulder (semi-matte lipstick) [PHP600]* – A dark warm red-brown. The finish is semi-matte but it’s true and full color with a muted red-brown shade that reminds me of the 90’s colors! For me, this is a actually a dupe to the always OS Sin as you will know below.
  • MAC in Sin (matte lipstick) [PHP 1000] -A deep dark cool red described by MAC. This is always sold-out / limited in stores so I bought it from Tupped boutique in a bazaar last holiday. I’ve been searching for this and I know this is a blue lipstick, but I mix it with Antique Velvet and this really looks nice on me. At night, it looks red than black.
  • LA Splash in Vampire (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – A deep red. Vampy indeed!  At night, it looks a bit black because it’s too opaque and matte, but I like how  it’s very striking and a bit wearable red at day. 

mac sin

dark lippies 6

How about you? What dark lippies are you loving lately? Remember to find the right shade of dark and match it with eye and cheek makeup that’s minimalist!

  • Tin Advincula

    January 16, 2016 at 7:25 pm Reply

    One of my dark lippies is NYX’s soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen!
    Great post, Mikki! <3

    • Mikki

      January 16, 2016 at 8:30 pm Reply

      I heard that nga din! it’s like vampy rin noh? Thanks so much Tin 😉

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