6 Lipsticks for Couture

6 Lipsticks for Couture

I think that these will be the most outrageous set of lippes that I will show you before I end the lipstick week (2 more posts coming up). For sure, these will stay a bit longer at my kit than the other lippies because I can’t wear them regularly/daily (as they’re super pigmented too!!) or on normal work days. But maybe in Break My Spell? Or when I feel outrageous? Special parties/fashion shows? Or when I just feel like creative or moody at night outs (Yes)!! I’ve had crazy bright colored lippies before but these are different because these are even way beyond the black lippies that I’ve published here.


I like outrageous colors that are true to the tube. Swatching them on my arms, they give and deliver the intensity, consistency and pigmentation especially for standout brand LA Splash, which is known for these kinds of colors.

outrage 9

I selected darker and muted shades blue, blue-violet, purple and green. Blue and green are my favorite colors and I’ve seen lots of Instagrammers wear this for their creative LOTD’s. One coming up soon! There’s also a gray one! Let’s check them out!

IMG_8383 copy

  • LA Splash in Nagini (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – Emerald green lippie I purchased from LA Splash online a few months ago when they launched Harry Potter lippies. My favorite in this list! I saw Saab Magalona wear it in her gigs and it looks so great at night – deep, expressive, flat-out phenomenal. The matte finish and pigment and staying power are of course commendable as with any Lip Smitten Mousse formula (review of texture soon)
  • LA Splash  in Bellatrix (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – Blue-violet! Looks not so good on my tone – maybe Sirius which is a navy blue color will suit me more –  but hey, the color is so unique!
  • Limecrime Velvetines in Trouble (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 1200] – Army green lippie that I bought from Tupped Boutique.  This color gives me life and strength! I’ve been in love with this color ever since it got so popular last year and I think i’ll wear this whenever I feel like I Run The World or Katy Perry’s Part of Me LOL. I known a bit about the ethical issues and of course I’m against overpricing and bad management. And of course, I find a dupe to this color, I will have to get this asap. Also, as with any super pigmented and outrageous colors in lippie (e.g. this brand, LA Splash), be prepared to know their ingredients. Don’t also wear them everyday.
  • Pink Sugar in Royals (matte lipstick) [PHP 399]* – Warm purple. This is the most affordable and wearable in the list YAY. I can compare this to MAC’s Heroine bit this is warmer and better for my tone . Yes for pigmentation but a bit lacking on consistency but I like this color!!
  • MAC in Gunner (matte lipstick) [PHP 1100] –  Violet. Like real violet – not purple or reddish. MAC Gunner was part of the Ultimate Matte collection and while this color is not  for my warm tone, I need to have this in my collection! among the other matte lippies, this is a bit lacking in consistency as you can see it  break on my lips.
  • LA Splash  in Ghoulish (matte liquid lipstick) [PHP 600] – Gray lippy!! This Lip Couture color is so nice but when I applied it on my lips, I just looked so pale and it highlighted my upper lip shadows. As with any gray color, it’s a bit tricky to use because it may make you look dull and darker than the normal. In terms of texture, i like Lip Mousse formats from the brand that the ones from Lip Couture.


I’m just excited to showcase these all in my LOTD’s! What are you favorites from this list?

outrage 2

  • Roxanne

    January 27, 2016 at 8:42 am Reply

    I’ve tried wearing violet lipstick in my day at work and it feels good. I feel like I’m unique. Haha! But it’s not for everyday kind of lipstick. I like LA Splash Lip Mousse in Nagini but I think I can only wear it at home. 🙂

  • Shaynna

    January 29, 2016 at 11:18 am Reply

    All of these are my favorites!! I like your taste in lipsticks especially the lime crime in shade trouble. You must include DOSE too!! i think it can also be a lipstick for couture. the shade mood and desert suede. These kind of lipsticks are really fab and classy and so perfect for couture but also you can wear it anywhere you want to.

  • Abegaill Villacruz

    February 17, 2016 at 3:47 pm Reply

    I’ve never bought any lipstick colors such as these in the post. 🙂 I wanted to try but I know I can’t really use them regularly. :/ Of all, the pink sugar royals is the only color I can wear. :/ But I want to try the green and the gold one. It looks so fancy. 😀 Gray would probably make me look sick.

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